The 10 Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city for cocktail lovers. There are many great cocktail bars, that are either very classy or fun-themed. Some of the best cocktail bars in the world can be found in this Spanish city! On this page I’m sharing the 10 best cocktail bars in Barcelona. Consider it your personal cocktail bar bucket list!

1 Paradiso

Paradiso was voted best bar in the world in 2022, and rightfully so. Having a drink at this bar, in the El Born neighborhood, is an experience. You enter through what looks like a deli, to go to the hidden bar. Each year the bar has a new theme, with new cocktails on the menu. The cocktails are one of the most creative ones you’ve ever seen. You have to see it to believe it. You can’t reserve a seat at Paradiso, each day you can join the virtual queue by scanning the QR code by the door.

2 Sips

Another bar that is often listed in the Worlds’ 50 best bars is Sips, in 2022 they ended up as the 3rd best bar in the world. I absolutely loved Sips. The stylish dark interior, the experienced staff and the delicious cocktails. Some cocktail bars take it too far in trying to be original, but at Sips they’ve found the right balance of serving unique cocktails that are still a very tasteful blend. You can find Sips in the Eixample neighborhood, they don’t take reservations.

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3 Two Schmucks

I still find it hilarious that one of the best bars in the world can be found in the so called dodgiest neighborhood of Barcelona. Cocktail bar Two Schmucks is located in El Raval. Many expats living in Barcelona avoid the neighborhood because they think it’s dangerous. But I actually love Raval, it’s such a creative and multicultural neighborhood. And Two Schmucks is definitely worth a visit. Not as pretentious as most other cocktailbars; they don’t have a stylish interior and their cocktails aren’t overprized.

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4 Dr Stravinsky

Dr Stravinsky is a popular cocktailbar in El Born, it’s often named as of the best cocktail bars in in Europe. I love the interior a lot, it feels like you’re entering an old pharmacy or science lab. On the menu you can find what kind of cocktail you prefer (like dry or sweet) on a map. The cocktails are imaginative so don’t be surprised if you find cheese on your cocktail.

5 Kaktos Botanical Society

Another one that should not be missed in the list of best cocktail bars in Barcelona is Kaktos Botanical Society. It’s a cocktail bar for nature lovers. You won’t only see many plants in the interior, the cocktail list also has a botanical touch to it. Fun fact: you can bring your plants here if you go on vacation; it’s like a cactus hotel. You can find Kaktos Botanical Society in the Eixample neighborhood.

6 Dry Martini

When this bar opened up in the old days, only Dry Martini was served. Hence the name. Nowadays there are many other drinks on the menu, but the Dry Martini is also still on it. Current owner Javier de las Muelas kept the English cocktail bar style with leather, wood and brass in the interior. Dry Martini is often listed as one of the best bars in Europe.

7 Bloody Mary

If you love Bloody Mary’s than this is definitely the best cocktail bar in Barcelona for you. They’ve got no less than 8 different Bloody Mary’s on the menu. They’ve also got all kinds of other cocktails to chose from like ‘Dark Side’ or ‘Mama Banana’. You can find Bloody Mary in the Gracia neighborhood. And great plus: they do take reservations.

8 Solange

You might feel like James Bond or a Bond Girl at Solange. It looks like Goldfinger came by and left a touch of gold at the interior. The cocktails on the menu are classic and stylish. This is the place you go to when you want to dress up and live the Metropolitan lifestyle.


Monk is a speakeasy, so it’s a secret bar! It looks like a small supermarket at first, with actual groceries. But if you walk past the curtain you’ll enter a beautiful cocktailbar! On the menu are all kinds of cocktails, including alcohol-free ones, in pretty glasses. They’re not the most mind-blowing cocktails you’ve ever tasted but it’s a nice place to go for one drink, because of the original experience.

Check my video of Monk here.

10 Somnia

Some might say it’s a bit tacky, but I love it when a bar takes its theme very seriously. At Somnia you imagine yourself at a circus. There are red velvet curtains, a popcorn machine and cocktails served in a clown shaped glass. Immerse yourself in this magical atmosphere and try one of the many themed cocktails like the Banksy or the Pennywise.

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