International Hamburger Day: veggie burgers from The Beef Chief

Can a vegetarian enjoy International Hamburger Day? Sure can! For example with this delicious vegetarian burger I had in Amsterdam. This is the Kimchi Shroom, a mushroom burger with kimchi, cheese, spring onion, spicy mayonnaise and sriracha on a toasted bun. It’s one of the vegetarian burger creations of The Beef Chief.
Simon Parrott a.k.a. The Beef Chief is originally from London but he now lives in Amsterdam.  He has been selling his burgers in food trucks for a while and now he settled down in cafe Tapmarin at the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. Tapmarin is an Amsterdam classic as this bar has been around for almost 50 years. But so far you weren’t able to have dinner in Tapmarin. The Beef Chief is now making sure you can enjoy a nice juicy burger here!

fries beef chief amsterdam

On the menu are several burgers including his famous Kimchi Burger and two vegetarian burgers. But, as you can see on the picture, they also serve delicious fries. They have no less than 5 different kinds of fries. Pictured above are the Kamikaze Fries: triple cooked fries with kimchi, cheese sauce, spicy mayo, spring onion and sesame seeds.
They’re quite spicy!

As you might know, I really like veggie burgers. I even had a competition to find the best veggie burger in Amsterdam last year. So I’ve got pretty high standards by now! But I wasn’t disappointed by this vegetarian burger from The Beef Chief. It was super juicy! The burger patty itself looked a bit burned, but it turned out that it was just to keep the juicy mushroom burger together. Vegetarian burgers can sometimes be a bit dry and fall apart, but the Kimchi Shroom was far from that!
A real recommendation if you’re looking for high quality (vegetarian) fast food in Amsterdam!
vegetarian burger the beef chief amsterdam

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