5 Years of Anne Travel Foodie: my most popular Instagram pictures

I’m celebrating 5 years of Anne Travel Foodie with many giveaways, and I’m looking back at some of my most popular content. On this page I’m sharing my most popular Instagram pictures from the 5 years of Anne Travel Foodie.
I started Anne Travel Foodie 5 years ago on Instagram. It wasn’t until I had around a 1.000 followers there that I created my website. Instagram is still my favorite platform and I post a picture there every day. For the 5 year Anne Travel Foodie anniversary, I’ve listed my most liked Instagram pictures on this page. I’ve also made the really cool picture present at the top of this page via Personello. In the shape of a 5, I’ve placed some of the most popular pictures of my Instagram account. A great gift idea for when someone is having an anniversary or for a kid’s Birthday party. They have all other kinds of photo presents on their website.

5 Years of Anne Travel Foodie: my most popular Instagram pictures.
What I can tell is that you guys love food more than travel pictures and that peanut butter and berries are very popular ingredients. Check out my 10 most liked Instagram pictures of the last 5 year on this page.

1 Vegan Gluten-free Lemon Cake

With over 2,000 likes it’s by far my most liked Instagram picture in the last 5 years. This vegan and gluten-free lemon cake topped with fresh fruit. It was the first time that I made a vegan cake and I was worried that it would be very dry without eggs or dairy. But it turned out great. You can find the recipe of this vegan and gluten-free lemon cake here.

2 Peanut butter banana

It’s one of my favorite food combinations of all times: peanut butter and banana. This picture isn’t really a recipe and it’s super easy to make, but it scored high on my Instagram account. Maybe it’s because of the cute white chcolate stars?

3 American Pancakes

Can I tell you a secret? These American Pancakes that got so many likes aren’t made by me. They’re just bought in the supermarket! But apparently you guys really like them. It got way more likes than my picture of the day before from my homemade avocado pancakes. Although, fun fact, those avocado pancakes are my most visited recipe on my blog.

4 Sesame Avocados

Another very popular picture that isn’t really a recipe. These avocado’s with sesame seeds got over 1,700 likes.
I guess 2017 was a good year for my Instagram account, as the 4 most liked pictures from the last 5 years are all from 2017.

5 Poaching Eggs for Dummies

In 2016, when I’ve had my blog for around a year. I thought it would be nice to sometimes post videos as well. My first food video that I’ve ever made and posted was this one about poaching eggs for dummies. It’s probably the worst food video that I’ve made, because after this one I learned so much more about it. I didn’t even use a tripod for this poaching eggs video. It got over 88,000 views, which is a lot and especially if you take into account that I didn’t even have many followers yet in 2016. It got so many views (and 1,690 likes) because Instagram posted it on the discovery page (the section with the magnifying glass) for all United States users.
It was also the first food video on my YouTube account and many followed after it!

6 Apple Snack

Again, not really a recipe. But it proves that peanut butter is a popular ingredient! It’s a snack that I eat quite often: apple slices dipped in peanut butter. You can sprinkle them with grated coconut or cacao nibs for an extra bite.

7 PB&J Chia Pudding

Combining two ingredients that are apparently very popular on Instagram; this chia pudding with peanut butter and berries was one of my most liked pictures. I think the layers give it a nice effect.
You can click here for the recipe of this peanut butter jelly chia pudding.

8 Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich

The very popular ingredient peanut butter also tastes great with banana on a sandwich! Peanut butter-banana toast is really a guilty pleasure of mine. Good to see that I’m not the only one!

9 Berry Toast

And another popular toast picture; this time with berries and tahini. Do you know tahini? It’s a sesame paste that’s very popular in the middle east. It’s the main ingredient in hummus (next to chickpeas) and it’s often combined with falafel, but you can also use it as a sauce like I did on this berry toast.

10 Wine in Nice

The only travel photo that made it to the top 10! And as the glass of wine is the most important object in the picture, you can even wonder if it’s even a 100% travel photo, or that it still falls in the ‘foodie’ category. I loved the reflection of the palm tree in my glass of white wine in Nice in the South of France, and I guessed you loved it too!

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