10 x Best avocado toast in Barcelona

Do you like avocado toast? I love it too! I’ve listed the restaurants with the best avocado toast in Barcelona on this page. All restaurants here serve a great avocado toast, with or without other toppings like poached eggs.

1 Gabby’s, El Born

Gabby’s in El Born is definitely one of my favorite spots for brunch in Barcelona. Here you don’t just get toast with avocado and a poached egg, they also top it with cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh lime and kafir lime. And my favorite addition: feta cheese. It’s served with their homemade basilic pesto for even more flavor.

2 Billy Brunch, Eixample

The avocado toast at Billy Brunch is one of the best in Barcelona. They top it with a poached egg, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes and seeds. Billy Brunch has multiple locations in Barcelona, but I especially love the one in Eixample because it has a nice backyard where you can enjoy your avocado toast in the sun.

3 Federal Cafe, Sant Antoni

Are you looking for the best vegan avocado toast in Barcelona? Then Federal Cafe is the place for you! Their avocado toast is so tasty! It’s served with with coriander, lime, cashew cream and pumpkin seeds. Not vegan? You can choose to top it with a poached egg and/or salmon.

4 Eixampeling

Eixampling is one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Barcelona. The restaurant is decorated with silk flowers and furniture in all kinds of colors. And their avocado toast is quite picturesque too! Check out their pink bun and how many toppings it has!

5 Caravelle, Raval

I can hardly describe how good the avocado toast at Caravalle is. The bread alone is already tasty enough to eat on its own. And then you’ve got a lot of avocado, a poached egg and delicous herbs and oil. Caravalle is a recommendation for brunch in general, they’ve got many tasty dishes. You can find them in the Raval neighborhood, close to La Rambla.

6 Paradero, Sant Antoni

The most original Avocado Toast in Barcelona can be found at Paradero. It’s served with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pickled onions, pomegranate and nacho’s. You can find Paradero, where they also serve delicious coffee, in the Sant Antoni neighborhood.

7 Florentine, Poblenou

At Florentine in Poblenou, they also have one of the best avocado toast in Barcelona. They spread a layer of smashed avocado on the toast and then top it with avocado slices, black sesame seeds and pomegranate seeds. You can also top it with a poached egg.
Florentine is the younger brother of The Benedict, also in Barcelona.

8 Barcino Food, Eixample

Probably the avocado toast with the most toppings in Barcelona, is the one at Barcino Food in Eixample. The sourdough toast is served with avocado smash, lime, hummus, ricotta, cherries, pomegranate, radish and basil pesto. And you can add a poached egg if this isn’t enough for you yet.

9 Empanar, Eixample

Although they’re mostly known for their Empanadas, hence the name, they also do an amazing avocado toast at Empanar. What I love about it, is that they first spread a thick layer of cream cheese on the toast. They put a nice avocado rose on top and you can order it with poached egg.
You can find their beautiful restaurant in Eixample.

10 Hammock Juice Station, Eixample

Hammock juice station is a very relaxing cafe, here you enjoy your brunch from your hammock! Not one where you lay down in, as that would be difficult to eat, but a hammock chair. So you smoothly sway while you enjoy your brunch. And an extra plus is that they also serve a good avocado toast.

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