The best Instagram spots in Parma, Italy

Parma, a city in North Italy, is a great destination for foodies and Italy lovers. It’s here where the Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese come from. But did you know that the city has a lot of Instagrammable spots? On this page I’m sharing all the photogenic places in the city. Quickly read on for the best Instagram spots in Parma, Italy.

Parma Cathedral & Parma Baptistery

You can find the Parma Cathedral and the Parma Baptistery next to each other. On the Piazza del Duomo, a square in the middle of the historic town. The Romanesque Cathedral has beautiful frescos inside, especially on the dome.
And the Baptistery has a very unique shape. This high tower-like building needs a wide-angle camera to capture it.

Colorful houses

If you Google for Parma images, I’m sure you’ll see many pictures with colorful houses. Everywhere in the old part of Parma you’ll find streets with houses in all kinds of colors lined up. My favorite street to take Instagrammable pictures of these houses is Str. XX Settembre, in the North of the city center, close to the train station.

Piazza Garibaldi

Where most cities have one central square, Parma actually has multiple big squares. It’s common for Italian cities to have multiple squares, so the city of Parma is no exception. A very Instagrammable square is Piazza Garibaldi. The beautiful yellow Palazzo del Governatore will look great on your Instagram feed. The great thing about this square for your pictures is that you can take your picture from the Palazzo from accros the street. So the whole building will fit in your picture.

Teatro Farnese

As a part-time theater teacher, my heart jumped a little when I walked into the Teatro Farnese. It’s an absolutely beautiful theater and I’m sure you’ll be amazed when you enter it. The Teatro Farnese was build in the Renaissance in 1618 and it feels like time stood still when you walk around. The theater was almost destroyed during WWII, but it was beautifully restored. It’s actually one of only 3 Renaissance theaters in the world that still exist today.
The theater is located inside the Palazzo della Pilotta, that also houses another top Parma Instagram spot (see below) and the National Archaeological Museum. A ticket to visit the complete grounds (including the theater is 13 Euro).

Palatine Library

As I said, there’s another great Instagram spot hidden inside the Palazzo della Pilotta in Parma. It’s called the Palatine Library and it’s one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. The library has been around since 1761 and was initiated to preserve knowledge about cultural subjects like Philosophy and Mechanical Arts.
You can visit the Palatine Library with your entrance ticket to the Palazzo della Pilotta (the same ticket you’ll need to visit the Teatro Farnese). It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Teatro Regio

Besides the Teatro Farnese, there’s another really photogenic theater in Parma: the Teatro Regio. It’s 200 years younger than the Farnese theater, but just as Instagrammable! Construction of the Teatro Regio began in 1829 and it’s build in Neo-Classical style. The white stalls and the red velvet seats are incredibly beautiful. Fun fact: Verdi, who was born nearby Parma, performed most of his renowned operas at the Teatro Regio.

Church of San Rocco

From the outside you wouldn’t know that the Church of San Rocco has such a pretty interior. This 1754 late-Baroque style church is a great hidden Instagram spot in Parma. The church has high lila colored walls and white pillars.

University of Parma

The University of Parma is housed in a beautiful building with yellow colored outer walls. The best Instagram spot at the University of Parma is the courtyard. Apart from being a great photo spot, it’s also a very pleasant courtyard to sit down for a bit on sunny days. There are many trees so you’ve got a lot of shade and a nice green environment.

Borgo Giacamo Tommasini

Borgo Giacamo Tommasini is probably the most Instagrammed street in Parma. There’s always art hanging above this small pedestrian street. During the Holiday season it’s often big ‘table lamps’. But in the summer you’ll often see these mirrors floating above the street.

Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati

Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati in Parma is a residency, right next to the Parma Baptistery that I mentioned at the top of this page. It’s got a beautiful courtyard that’s especially picturesque in spring and summer when the flowers are in bloom. As people live here, please be quiet and respect their privacy.

Did you know that in the area near Parma there are many basil fields for the production of pesto?
Click here to read everything you need to know about Pesto.

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