Instagram Spots in Strasbourg

The city Strasbourg in the North East of France has many Instagrammable spots. There are all kinds of lovely places, murals and buildings that would look great on your Instagram feed. On this page I’m sharing all my favorite Instagram spots in Strasbourg.

Heart Mural

You can find this lovely heart mural at 29 Rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs in the city center.

Petit France

Stand in front of Restaurant La Corde a Linge for great pictures of Petit France

L’ami Schutz

L’ami schutz is a nice restaurant in Petit France that is covered with plants. It’s different every season.

Maison des ponts couverts

Maison des ponts couverts is probably the most Instagrammed house in Strasbourg.

Barrage Vauban

You can walk through the bridge on street level, but you can also go up the stairs and walk on top of the bridge. It gives you great views over Petit France. 

Museum of Modern Art

The museum of Modern Art has a square in front of it that’s popular with skaters. You can find some beautiful black and white murals there. 


Pastry shop Christian has a beautiful facade. You already feel like eating something sweet just by looking at the exterior.

Place de Marche neuf

Place de Marche neuf is a cute little courtyard around the corner from pastry shop Christian. It’s a soothing place with beautiful old buildings.


As in every city the cathedral of Strasbourg is the central point of the city and the most popular spot for tourists. I understand why though, it’s a beautiful building in a lively area.

International school des Pontonniers

The International school des Pontonniers is sometimes referred to as the Harry Potter School. Can you already imagine Harry, Ron and Hermine walking around here?

St. Paul’s church

The best view of St. Paul’s church is from Pont Royal, the bridge opposite the entrance of the church.


Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune is a Catholic church and one of the most important church buildings in Strasbourg.

Gotten an appetite from visiting all the Instagrammable sights? Click here for my favorite food spots in Strasbourg.

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