The Užupis neighborhood in Vilnius

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, has got one very special neighborhood. This area called Užupis is an unofficial republic. You might be reminded of Montmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen when you walk around Užupis. On this page I’m telling you all about the Užupis neighborhood in Vilnius. I’m telling you about the top sights and the must-see places in Užupis.


The republic Užupis isn’t recognized by any nation, but they do have their own president, their own border control and their own constitution. In their constitution there are 38 statements. You can find them on glass panels in over 20 languages on Paupio street. The articles in the constitution are both beautiful (no 16 is ‘Everyone has the right to be happy’ and no 17 is ‘Everyone has the right to be unhappy) and funny (no 12 is ‘a dog has the right to be a dog’).


The Uzupis neighborhood in Vilnius can be found next to the Vilnia river. As a matter of fact, Uzupis means ‘the other side of the river’. So it even got its name from the river. Somewhere along the river you can find this little mermaid statue. Can you find her?


The swing is a very popular spot among young girls. Let’s face it, it’s a romantic spot and the perfect Instagram setting. To reach the swing, you just cross the bridge and go left straight away. Next to the terrace of the cafe you can walk down towards the water. If you want to sit down on the swing, you’ll have to walk through the water. But it’s very shallow, so it’s not too hard to reach.


My favorite spot in Uzupis was this beautiful old grand piano. It was covered with grass on the top. It’s placed on a quiet spot next to the river. You’ll find it automatically if you follow the river if you took a left after the bridge into Uzupis. Behind it in the river you see piles of rock created by people who weren’t afraid of the stream.

Angel of Uzupis

This statue of the Angel of Užupis is made by the same artist as the mermaid and was erected in 2002. It was revealed on April 1st, the same date as Užupis was declared in 1998. Every year on April 1st they celebrate Užupis day.


Of the 7,000 inhabitants of Užupis, 1,000 are artists. So you’ll find street-art all around this neighborhood in Vilnius. I discovered this gem in a small alley just of the Uzupio street.

Liu Patty

Time for a drink and to rest your legs? Sit down at Liu Patty. At this cafe with a pink exterior they sell delicious sweets. From cakes to eclairs to desserts in jars, Liu Patty will satisfy your sweettooth. You can find Liu Patty on Uzupio street.

Stroll around

The Užupis neighborhood isn’t very big, so if you just stroll around you’ll be able to see pretty much all of it. And I think that’s the nicest way to explore the neighborhood. Just see where your feet take you. And don’t miss out on small alleyways as they might lead to the most beautiful spots.

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