Top Food Spots Vilnius

I’ve listed the top food spots in Vilnius on this page. Here you can find the best restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner or cake. All food spots on this page have good vegetarian (or even vegan) options.

Augustas ir Barbora

Named after a Lithuanian love story, I fell in love with Augustas ir Barbora. They also serve lunch but they’re mostly famous for their desserts. The pastries aren’t only very tasty but also so beautiful! And the restaurant is very Instagrammable too, check out the pink flowers on the inside or the flower wall on the outside as you can see on the picture at the top of this page. I’m sure it’ll look very good on your Instagram feed.


Rosehip is the place to go in Vilnius for vegans. Their menu is completely vegan! They’ve got all kinds of delicious plant-based dishes like burgers and all kinds of bowls. I went for the buckwheat bowl with pumpkin and vegan feta cheese. They’ve got two restaurants in Vilnius, one next to the MO Museum and one near the Bernardine Park and the Vilnius Cathedral.


The perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth is Sugamour. It’s perfect for lovers of sugar as the name is a combination of sugar and amour. They’ve got beautiful pastries like the blueberry cheesecake you see pictured. They’ve also got several sweet dishes like these waffles with fruit and yogurt. But they also have 10 different kinds of Eggs Bennedict. And that’s not a typo. You might have a hard time choosing which one you’ll choose, but you can always come back the next day for another dish!


Bardakas is a nice bar in Vilnius. It’s a great spot for some bar snacks and finger food. I really liked sitting outside at Bardakas so you can do some people watching in the busy pedestrian street Vilniaus Street. Most of the dishes on the menu contain meat or fish, but the spring-rolls are vegetarian, they have nacho’s that they can prepare without meat and we ordered this board with 1 type of sausage but all the other ingredients are vegetarian.

Ali Sokoladine

Ali Sokoladine is a confectionery selling the most delicious sweets. They’ve got chocolate creations and macarons. But I love their soft serve the most. When I was there I could choose between two flavors; Pistachio and Caramel-Sea Salt. I went for the latter. Isn’t it very Instagrammable?

Downtown Food Hall

Just West of the old city center of Vilnius you can find the Downtown Food Hall. In this Food Hall you can find several food stands selling all kinds of foods. I love it that there are so many flavors and kitchens under one roof. It’s a great place to meet up with a group of friends as everyone can order their own preferred food. There are 15 different food stands in the Food Hall. Zatar is my favorite as it serves hummus, falafel and other Middle Eastern dishes.

Spritz Summer Garden

The Spritz Summer Garden is an outdoor cocktail bar promoting Aperol Spritz. It’s very nicely decorated with many plants and flowers and some eye catchers like a Frida Kahlo painting and a bright orange chair. Big chance that they’re also open in winter when they place big transparent domes where you can sit n.

Pink and Yellow

Pink & Yellow is a rooftop bar and restaurant located on top of an office building. It’s usually quite popular, so reserve a table if you want to be sure of a spot. You’ve got nice views over Vilnius while you enjoy your food or your drinks.


Peronas, right next to the central station, has a view over the train platforms (hence the name). It’s more a spot for a drink than for food, but because it has such a cool atmosphere, I thought it was worth mentioning too. It’s a nice spot for a beer, alltough you shouldn’t have too high expectations.

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