New vegetarian & vegan meat replacement for sandwiches

There have been many new meat replacements that you can use for dinner, but now there’s finally a good meat replacement that you can put on your sandwich! Quorn has launched 4 new sliced meat replacement products that taste great on your sandwich.
I’m happy that there’s finally a sandwich topping for vegetarians and vegans, as it was quite difficult to think of a nice vegan sandwich topping until now. I love hummus and peanut butter, don’t get me wrong, but a little bit of variation couldn’t hurt!

Luckily Quorn has launched 4 new sliced meat replacements, 2 vegetarian and 2 vegan products. They’ve got vegetarian pepperoni and spinach & red pepper slices, and vegan chicken free slices and smokey ham slices. You can buy them at the Albert Heijn supermarkets.

I used the vegetarian spinach and red pepper slices to create a great vegetarian lunch. I made this triple layer whole wheat bun filled with veggie and healthy goodness. Continue to read how I made this ultimate vegetarian sandwich.

Ultimate Vegetarian Sandwich
Ingredients (for 1 person):
1 whole wheat bun
3 slices Quorn spinach and red pepper slices
3 tbs cream cheese light
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/4 cucumber, sliced
handful of sprouts

Cut the bun in three layers. Divide the cream cheese over the bottom 2 layers. Cover 1 layer with the avocado slices and half of the sprouts (I used alfalfa). Cover the other layer with the cucumber slices and the spinach and red pepper slices. Top with the remaining sprouts (I used red cabbage sprouts). Place the top of the bun on top and your ultimate veggie sandwich is done!

Click here for more vegetarian and vegan lunch inspiration. 

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