Vegan Food Finds at Albert Heijn

Want to know what the best vegan food finds at Albert Heijn supermarket are? I’ve got you covered! On this page I’m sharing my favorite vegan food products at the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands.
On this page you won’t find the obvious vegan products that are available at every supermarket, but the vegan products that are specifically for sale at the Albert Heijn supermarkets.

Just to be clear, I’m not sponsored by Albert Heijn in any way. I just thought it could be helpful for vegans who don’t visit the Albert Heijn that often, that they’ve got a shopping list!

New vegan products

In the fall of 2020 Albert Heijn has launched 70 new vegan products to their stores. These Albert Heijn huismerk products vary from vegan cheese to vegan burgers. The boneless wings are one of my favorites. It’s great to be able to serve wings at a party or give to your kids, without having to harm animals. And for all Dutchies: they even have vegan frikandellen!


Albert Heijn has several ‘verspakketten’. In these packages you’ll find the recipe of a meal and most of the ingredients. Many of these packages are vegan. A few of the vegan ones are the Orzo Basilicum Pest, the Greek Moussaka and the Italian Lasagna. Please note that they sometimes say you’ll have to add meat, but you can of course skip this. And I double checked and the pesto at the Orzo package is vegan.

Garden Gourmet

Garden Gourmet, the meat substitutes in the green packages, have 8 vegan products at the Albert Heijn. The 100% plant-based products are three different kinds of falafel balls, 2 kinds of minced ‘meat’, the vegan burger, and the sensational chorizo and braadworst.

Boon burger and tempeh

Albert Heijn sells the vegan chili burger from Boon. It’s a 100% plant-based burger with a spicy touch. They also sell the Boon tempeh cubes. You can find other Boon products at other supermarkets but the tempeh cubes are only available at Albert Heijn and restaurant supplier Sligro.

Click here to read about the difference between tofu, tempeh and seitan.

V Spread

The V-Spreads from Mister Kitchen are healthy and vegan sandwich spreads. The spreads come in three flavors: tomato/courgette, chili/pepper and chickpeas/lemon. Unlike the existing sandwich spread they don’t contain any oils or mayonnaise. And they contain a lot more vegetables. The sandwich spread from Heinz only contains 30% vegetables, and these spreads contain 65%. They also contain a lot less sugar. As a matter of fact they don’t contain any added sugars at all, only 3 grams of sugars from the vegetables (in comparison Heinz Sandwich spread contains 14 grams).

Milky Zebra Donut

Despite its name, there’s no milk in the Zebra Donuts of the Albert Heijn. These donuts are completely vegan. Just like the Speculoos Donuts. There aren’t even animal based e-numbers or aroma’s in them. Just like you might not expect it with Oreo cookies, products that have ‘milk’ or ‘cream’ in their name can be vegan. The vegan Milky Zebra Donut at Albert Heijn is 100% vegan.

Cinnamon roll

Very popular amongst vegans is the ‘kaneelbroodje’ from the Albert Heijn. This cinnamon roll is available at the bakery of the supermarkt, where the fresh bread buns also are. The vegan cinnamon roll costs 0,61 cents, so you can use it as an argument to prove that eating vegan doesn’t have to be expensive!

Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the most popular chocolate brands in the Netherlands. Three of their flavors are vegan: the 70% dark chocolate bar, the dark almond sea salt and dark pecan coconut bar.


Veganz is one of my favorite vegan brands in the world. It’s from Germany and for a long time it wasn’t available in the Netherlands. Luckily some bigger Albert Heijn supermarkets sell it now, and you can also order it if you order your groceries online.

Vegan Dairy

Albert Heijn has a big assortment of vegan ‘dairy’. Their own brand has got all kinds of plantbased drinks like rice drink and coconut drink. But they also sell vegan milk from other brands like Zonnatura, Oatly! and Alpro.

Vegan whipped cream

The Albert Heijn has a very easy to use and tasty vegan whipped cream. It’s called Topping and you can find it the baking products and other uncooled whipped creams. It’s ready to use and tastes just like regular whipped cream or slagroom in Dutch.

Vegan wine

Albert Heijn has several vegan wines in their assortment. From the AH Excellent brand you can get the Pinot Grigio and the Sagrato Chianti. All the Arrogant Frog wines that are available at the Albert Heijn are vegan.

Lazy Vegan

At the end of your shopping spree at the Albert Heijn, don’t forget the freezer! There are several great frozen vegan products available. One of my favorites is Lazy Vegan. Lazy Vegan has 4 different kinds of ready meals. You can just keep them in the freezer at home, take them out when you want a vegan dinner and stir fry them for a few minutes.

Professor Grunschnabel

And don’t forget the frozen desserts too! Albert Heijn sells several vegan ice cream tubs. My favorite brand is Professor Grunschnabel. They’ve got many different flavors, that are all unique and very tasty. I’ve made this vegan freakshake with the Caramel Ocean and Snow white flavors from Professor Grunschnabbel and the plant-based whipped cream from Albert Heijn.

Albert Heijn also sells ice cream tubs of Alpro that are all vegan and also a delicious option!

Vegan Apfelstrudel

The Albert Heijn also has a vegan Apfelstrudel from their private label. You can find the Apfelstrudel package in the freezer. It’s packed per two and you can just keep it in the freezer at home until use. Bake it in the oven for 35-40 minutes and you’ve got a tasty vegan apfelstrudel. Easy as that!

Do you have any favorite vegan food products from Albert Heijn that are missing in this list? Let me know with a comment below.

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