Vegan tacos with many vegetables

I created a new recipe for tacos. This recipe is vegan and super healthy as it contains a whole bunch of vegetables! On this page I’m sharing the recipe for healthy vegan tacos with many vegetables. 
I made these healthy vegan tacos with the new Paprika and Chili tortillas from No Fairytales. They create healthy tortillas that contain at least 45% vegetables and are high in fiber. Substituting your white flour tortillas with these veggie tortillas is a great way to make your Mexican dinner recipe a lot more healthy.
They also have pink beet tortillas and orange carrot tortillas.
You can buy the healthy tortillas from No Fairytales at Albert Heijn.

Ever since our trip to Mexico I like Mexican food even more! And even though I used to associate it with meat, I’ve discovered that there are many vegetarian and vegan Mexican recipes that can be made. One of the easiest ways is to substitute the meat by a meat replacement. I’ve made these healthy vegan tacos with vegan minced meat from my supermarket. You can easily substitute minced meat by vegan minced meat and chicken by vegan chicken in any Mexican recipe.

You also don’t need cheese, sour cream or other dairy products to make a tasty Mexican dish. I made these vegan tacos with corn, black beans and mashed avocado. Continue to read for this healthy dinner recipe!

Recipe healthy vegan tacos

Ingredients for 2-3 people:
1 package paprika & chili tortillas (No Fairytales)
1 avocado
1 can corn (150 grams)
1 can black beans (150 grams)
1 package (200 grams) vegan minced meat (I used Basis Rulstukjes from Albert Heijn)
Optionally: 1 small package (150 grams) of raw vegetables (I used Rauwkost Paprika from Albert Heijn)

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