5 easy tips to eat more healthy

I often hear from people that they want to eat more healthy but that they don’t really know how. They think it’s very difficult and because of that they postpone their healthy diet. Do you recognize that? Then this blog post is the right post for you! I’m sharing my 5 easy tips to eat more healthy on this page. I think eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult at all! With these 5 tips you can easily eat more healthy and you can start straight away! No more excuses, start working on a better you today!

1 Fruit or veggies in every meal
Add fruit or vegetables to all three of your main meals on a day. If you already start with fruit with your breakfast you can already have half of your fruit intake for that day before you even leave the house. I always eat breakfast, your body needs the energy of food to focus on your job, study or other daily activities. And it’s easy to add fruit or vegetables to your meal. Just add fruit to your granola in the morning, have a hummus-avocado sandwich for lunch and let vegetables be the star of your main dish.

2 Swap for whole-wheat
It’s so easy to turn your favorite meals and go-to recipe in healthier versions by swapping your grains for whole-wheat products. Swipe your white, brown, spelt or multi-grain bread for whole-wheat bread. Swipe your pasta for whole wheat pasta, your rice for basmati rice and your wraps for whole-wheat wraps. You can eat the same meal as you’d usually do but it’s more healthy straight away! You can even make whole-wheat pizza’s!

3 Eat the Rainbow
There’s not 1 food that’s healthy, it’s eating various healthy foods a week that makes your diet healthy. If you only eat kale you’re not eating healthy. A good thing to keep in mind is that you should try to ‘eat the rainbow’. Try to add as many colors to your diet as possible. And white isn’t in the rainbow, so no white bread, cookies or cake. But all kinds of different fruits and vegetables.

4 Cupboard management
You might recognize that you’ve made a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for yourself. But then around 8pm when you’re watching tv, you open up your cupboard and you start snacking. Easy tip: don’t buy too much unhealthy food! Get some dried fruits or nuts to satisfy your sweet-tooth or even better: just stick to a big cup of tea.

5 Eat 80% for your body and 20% for your soul
As you might know, diets hardly work. They only work for a short amount of time but because they’re so difficult to sustain you’ll probably fall back to your old patterns. That’s why I would advise you not to go on a diet but to change your lifestyle into a healthy one that you can maintain. This doesn’t mean that you can never have any sugar, carbs or gluten. It means that you make sure that the majority of your food intake is healthy, but that you aren’t too rigid in it. I often say that you should eat 80% for your body and 20% for your soul. This way it makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it’ll prevent you from developing an eating disorder or to fall back in your old unhealthy patterns.

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