These restaurants in Tilburg deliver food during the Corona crisis

When the Dutch government announced the first lockdown in the spring of 2020 I made this list of restaurants in Tilburg that deliver food during the Corona crisis. Now, in the autumn of 2020, the restaurants have to clos again. This is, of course, very sad for all the restaurants in the Netherlands. They still have to pay the rent for the restaurant, they already bought or ordered the ingredients, they have staff that they either still have to pay or that they have to send home without a salary. It’s no surprise to you that I often go out for dinner (hence the extensive restaurant review section on my blog). so I would like to support the restaurants in these difficult times. That’s why I’ve made this list of restaurants in Tilburg that deliver food during the Corona crisis. As I live in Tilburg and I’m the owner of @waartilburgeet, I’m very aware of all great initiatives that are occurring despite the Corona Crisis. I hope that you’ll support your local restaurants by ordering food from them!
If you find an initiative missing on this page, please let me know in the comments so that I can add it.

Eethuis Twintig

Eethuis Twintig at the Piushaven already came with a great delivery initiative the day after the press conference. They’re turning into a real ‘hotspot’ where you can order stamppot! Every week they’ve got a new menu with soups and ‘stamppot’ (mashed potatoes with vegetableS). You can find the menu on their Facebook page and you can order via 013 5914906 or You can choose between a small (€9,50) or big (€13,50) portion, or a family portion for 2 adults and 2 kids. You can choose between 3 different kinds of meat or fried halloumi for vegetarians. You can order until 5pm and the ‘stamppot’ is available for take-out or deliver between 5 and 8pm.

Bij Peerke Donders

Bij Peerke Donders has arranged a lovely ‘borrel plank’ with delicious nibbles. You can keep the beautiful board and a bowl that’s on it. You also get a bottle of wine or 4 beers with it. You can pick it up on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from October 23 onwards. The pick up locations are either at Bij Peerke Donders in the North of Tilburg, or at the center of Udenhout. The ‘borrel plank’ is enough for 4 people. Please not that it isn’t suitable for vegetarians.

Grand Cafe Puur

Grand Cafe Puur is delivering their famous High Tea to your home! They prefer it if you order at least one day before, but you can even still order the high tea for that same day. If you live within the ring, they deliver for free. You’ll get an etagere with all kinds of nice bites. Several sandwiches, amsue bouche, scones, several sweets, strawberry quark and more. The high tea costs €21,- per person, including a bottle of bubbles.
You can order the high tea via 013 711 1906 or


The delicious vegetarian and vegan cakes from Pleiade are also available for take-out at their shop on the Nieuwlandstraat. I absolutely recommend their homemade carrot cake but the vegan and sugar-free cakes from Sharp Sharp are also really nice. You can get a coffee or tea to-go as well!

Chef voor een Dag

Chef voor een Dag (Chef for a Day) is a concept from Boefkik and restaurant De Houtloods and Eetbar de Wagon. You can order a Houtloods box and you’ll get all the ingredients for a high quality three course dinner. The chefs from the Houtloods already selected the right amount of ingredients for you and even have done some of the preparation work for you. At home you can finish it and create your own dinner. They’ve created videos with clear instructions on how to prepare everything. So you can be chef for a day!
Not in a culinary mood? You can also order the Borrel & Bites Box from Eetbar de Wagon with all kinds of nibbles to snack away.

Te Koop in Tilburg

Restaurant Te Koop in Tilburg, just East of the city center, also offers a take-away menu. From Thursday to Sunday they’re open from 4:30 to 8pm for pick-up and delivery. Even if you only want to order 1 dish, it’s already possible. On their menu are several dishes that are the size of a small main dish (so you can choose a few and combine), soups, salads and desserts. You can order online on their website.

Bagels & Beans

The Bagels & Beans in Tilburg also has take-out options. They’ve opened up a special website where you can place your order. This can be just one bagel, but you can also order for more people. Great for your colleagues or your housemates. Besides bagels, you can also order coffees, cake and juices. You can pick it up at the Bagels & Beans on the corner of the Heuvel and the Grote Markt.

De Spaarbank

De Spaarbank also started take-out now that they had to close for a second time. You can pick up their lunch between 11:30am and 2pm and their dinner from 4:30 to 8:30pm. You can find the menu on their website. Just give them a call in advance so that your dish is ready to be picked up.

Koppig Brunchcafe

Koppig Brunchcafe is a new restaurant in Tilburg, but they’ve started take-away straight away in this second lock-down. There are all kinds of sandwiches, pancakes and waffles on the menu. And they also offer several coffees, teas and juices.


One of my favorite lunchrooms, coffee cafe Buutvrij, also comes with a solution for during the Corona crisis. They’ll create healthy meals for take-out and delivery. You can order items from their regular menu or go for their special: a homemade smoothie or juice, a sandwich and a piece of cake of your choice for €15,00. You can order by calling 013-8505000 before noon. They deliver in the city center of Tilburg 7 days a week.


Pulcino’s is also new in Tilburg, but is already forced to offer take-away as well. They’re open from Thursday until Monday from 11am to 9:30pm. You can call to order at 013-2045111. If your order is at least €20,- you get a free homemade lemonade, if it’s at least €40 they deliver in Tilburg and if your order is at least €50,- you get a free bottle of Pulcino’s Limoncello!


From Tuesday to Saturday you can pick up your lunch or dinner at restaurant Steck013. They’re located at the Vijfsprong in the city center, close to the central station. You can see the menu on their Facebook page.
Order your choice by email or WhatsApp: 06-81758745 before 3pm.
If you live in the city center they can also deliver your lunch to your door.


Locals, the favorite lunchroom of many Tilburgers, is also open for take-out and delivery! You can order everything from their menu online via their website between 9am and noon. They’ll deliver your order between noon and 2pm if your order is above €15,- or you can pick it up at Locals. They’re open from 10am to 4pm. Their delivery and take-out service is possible seven days a week.


You can take-out your favorite dishes from the menu at Anvers. From coffee and tea to cake and their grilled cheese sandwiches with the famous Anvers sauce. They’re open every day from 11am to 7pm.

Berlijn Cafe

Berlijn Cafe on the Korvelseweg didn’t offer anything during the first lock-down, but luckily they’re open for take-away now. They’re open from Thursday to Monday. They’ve got tosti’s and sandwiches for lunch. Burgers, soup and cake all through the day. And 5 different dishes for dinner. They always have at least one vegetarian dish. The menu changes regularly but at the moment the vegetarian dinner dish is smoked pumpkin with Roquefort and pecans.
They deliver if your order is above €32. You can call in advance to 013-2034362 so you don’t have to wait.


As of October 23, Rooftopbar Doloris also delivers. They’ve got an extensive menu to choose from. With all kinds of smaller street-food bites to share or one of their menus for two. You can order via this website.

Restaurant Taste!

Restaurant Taste! that you can find in the Mercure Hotel, has created a temporary concept for during the Corona crisis: Taste!@Home. If you order Taste!@Home you’ll get all the ingredients you need to make a fantastic 3 course dinner. The chef already did some of the preparations, but you can finish the dishes at home yourself. Don’t worry, you’ll get an instruction video showing you how to do it. For an amuse and three courses you pay €49,50 for 2 people. You can choose from the dishes on the website of Taste!, they’ve got 2 different starters and 2 different mains. You can pick up the packages from Thursdays to Sundays from 3 to 7pm. On Thursdays and Saturdays they also deliver for 7,50 extra.

Oostwest Cultuurcafe

The new Oostwest Cultuurcafe offers everything from their menu for takeaway. They’ve got all kinds of coffee variaties, this vegetarian mezze platter and different tosti’s (grilled cheese sandwiches).

Click here for a complete list of new restaurants in Tilburg.

Stadsbrouwerij 013

Stadsbrouwerij 013 is also offering take-away and delivery options. They’ve got all kinds of dishes that you can order, and also some boxes with several nibbles to share with your household. The ‘Tafeltje Vol’ is great if you can’t choose as it has all kinds of dishes from the menu. Or you can go for their cheeseboard pictured. You can order your dishes on their website, and choose for take-away or delivery.


Restaurant Waanzinnig is offering take-away meal boxes. You can pick up the meals at their restaurant between 2 and 5:30pm from Tuesday to Saturday. You’ll only have to warm them up at home. You can choose between 4 dishes: Halibut, Pork Belly, Wendy’s Fishburger and a vegan Bean Burger. They’re all lactose-free, and everything except the fishburger is possible to make gluten-free.

Melati Dua

If you live in the Reeshof or in Tilburg West, Melati Dua is a great option for ‘bezorgen’. This Indonesian restaurant offers take-out and delivery meals as well.


Restaurant Orangerie, located in the normally very lively Korte Heuvel, has created a special take-away menu. They’ll start with this on Friday October 30. You can choose your starters, mains and dessert from their ‘afhaalmenu’ and order by calling 013-5431132. You can pick your dishes up between 4 and 7:30 pm, or have them delivered between 3 and 7pm from Wednesday to Sunday. All you have to do is warm the dishes up at home. They’ve got a 4 course menu for only 25,- per person and they’ve also got an a-la-carte menu with starters, intermediate courses, mains and desserts.

Hofstede de Blaak

Restaurant Hofstede de Blaak also came with a delivery menu. They’ve got 7 starters, 2 soups and 6 main dishes to choose from. You can order until 7pm by calling 013-4638899. They’ll deliver it to you home between 6 and 7pm.

Gember & Sereh

Indonesian restaurant Gember & Sereh on the Korte Heuvel also created a take-out menu. You can choose between nasi or bami (with either chicken, beef o gambas) or go for the choice menu. For this menu you choose one of the meat/fish/veggie dishes and one of the vegetable dishes. You also get white rice with it. For all these 3 dishes combined you only pay 12,50 per person. You can order between 4 and 8:30 pm via 013-5360585. Because you’re picking the order up yourself, they’re giving a free bag of mini springrolls with it for free.

Eetwinkel Verzot

Eetwinkel Verzot is a deli on the Besterdplein. You can go there for high quality take-away meals and delicacy products. During the Covid19 situation, they’ll also deliver in Tilburg. You can order baguettes, meals that you can warm up at home and ‘borrelplanken’. You can order by calling
013 822 4367. They deliver from €20,- onwards and charge €2,50 delivery costs.

Wijnbar Cru

Wijnbar Cru normally doesn’t deliver food, but during the closure of the restaurants they will! You can choose between two options. Both options contain ‘borrelhapjes’ (nibbles). There’s a €25,- option with a bottle of
Verdejo from Spain or a red wine from South Africa. And there’s a €30,- option with a barrel-aged Chardonnay from France or a fruity Primitivo from Southern Italy. Both options are enough for 2 people. They deliver for free in Tilburg and charge 2,- delivery costs for Goirle, Oisterwijk, Waalwijk, Hilvarenbeek and Berkel-Enschot. You can order by calling 06 13 44 49 6 and they’ll deliver your wine and snacks between 5pm and 10pm.


Borrel cafe Noir has created ‘borrel bags’. You’d be surprised of all the things that you can buy in a bag at Noir; from wine to truffle mayonaise and even whole cocktail packages (did anyone say Dark and Stormy?). Check the complete assortment on their website. You can order your bag until 5pm and it’ll be delivered in Tilburg and surrounding towns the next day.

Sate Kid

Take-away and delivery is still possible at Sate Kid. They have the best satey sauce of Tilburg and they also have great vegetarian and vegan options.
You can order via their website between 3 and 9:45pm.


Bij Brownies&downieS Tilburg aan het Pieter Vreedeplein kan je vanaf dinsdag 26 januari 2021 lekkere taarten bestellen. De enthousiaste werknemers mistte het werken in de keuken en de horeca dus ze hebben heel veel zin om weer aan de slag te gaan. Ze maken steeds andere taarten en laten op hun Instagram account weten welke er te bestellen is. Bestellen kan door te bellen naar 013-5904799, te mailen naar of ze een DM te sturen op Instagram.

Van Planten

Vegan bakery Van Planten has also started a delivery service! You’ll be able to order a few of their delivery proof vegan treats on their website. You can choose from all kinds of goodies like brownies and rocky road. They’ll send the packages every workday.

Click here for all vegan food spots in Tilburg.


Almost everyone in Tilburg knows Vittorio. He sells Persian ice cream at his improvised living room at the Piushaven. His foodtruck is open as it normally is to sell his ice cream. But he also has take-out/delivery meals. And in the colder months he also serves hot chocolate and coffee. Everyday he offers another menu which he’lll announce on his Facebook page. You can order via whats app at 06-40636260 and pick up your order at his food truck at the Piushaven. You can also have your food delivered, this costs €3,50 and your Persian dinner will be deliverd between 6 and 7pm. The menu is €10,- per person (or 16,- including Persian ice cream).

De Burgerij

The shop of De Burgerij remains open, so you can buy all kinds of delicacies there. They’re open 7 days a week from 11am to 8pm. And as the restaurant is closed, they’ve also taken up take-out and deliveries! You can order the plateau Burgerij pictured above and other meals like ‘stamppot’, quiche or soup (vegetarian options are available) via their website. Order before 4pm and they’ll deliver it to your house!


Hungree has just opened up in Tilburg, and they’ve got a great timing as people will probably order more delivery these days. Hungree has all kinds of dishes, so there’s something for everyone. My boyfriend loves the chicken satay and I love it that they have 3 vegetarian options: a beet burger, a falafel burger and a vegetarian satay. They deliver in zip-codes: 5011, 5012, 5013, 5014, 5015, 5041, 5042 and 5049. You can order via

Saigon Street

Saigon Street is a Vietnamese take-out and delivery spot. It’s ran by owner Phung, who was born in Vietnam. She has a different menu every week and she delivers (or you can pick it up) from Friday to Sunday. She announces the menu on her Instagram account.

Flipped Story

Flipped Story, the Chinese food cafe in the Stationsstraat, is also open for take-away and delivery. They’ve got all kinds of noodle dishes, dim sum and bubble tea. You can call them at 0619940658 to say your order. They’re open between 4-9pm for pick-ups. If you live in the city center they also deliver if your order is over €19,95.

De Groene Vlinder

Good news for everyone living in the Reeshof or Tilburg West: De Groene Vlinder is delivering too! They deliver in zip codes: 5035 – 5036 – 5043 – 5044 – 5045. You can choose items for their menu or go for the ‘Onbeperkt Genieten’ where you get a huge amount of food, including gamba’s, spare-ribs and chicken satey, for only €15,- per person. They deliver for free, minimum order amount is 25,-. Click here to order at De Groene Vlinder.


The Fat Greek offers take-away from Wednesday to Sunday. In some areas they also deliver your food. The menu and how to order is visible in the bio of their Instagram page. You can call them at 013-8897348 for more information. My personal favorite is this Gyros with veggie chicken.


Restaurant RAW in the Spoorzone has opened up a little shop where you can buy all kinds of nice things to enjoy at home. From local beers to Schrobbeler. They also have several soups and steaks that you can make at home. They’re open From Wednesday to Sunday until 5pm.


A great initiative for a ‘borrel’ in the weekends is the Borrelplank from Houtenbakkes. For only €45,- you’ll get plenty of finger food for two and a matching bottle of wine. The menu is already vegetarian, snacks that are delivered include puff pastry with brie and honey and honey-tyme mushrooms. You can also order the bites without the bottle of wine for €35,-. You can order by sending a text or call 06-45356829.

De Carpacciobar

You can also enjoy the great carpaccio varieties at home as De Carpacciobar is going to deliver as well. Of course you can get the classical carpaccio, but they have all kind of variaties, even vegetarian carpaccios! You can order by calling 013 590 37 29 and you can also find them on Uber Eats and
They also have a great giveaway on their Facebook page to support the people that work in healthcare. You can nominate someone theat can win an XXL carpaccio on their Facebook page.

Villa Pastorie

Villa Pastorie opens up a pick-up counter every weekend. Every weekend there’s another ‘theme’, so there are other take-out items.

Stoom013 Vegan Meal

Normally you can go to Stoom013, the coffee bar in the train wagon, for a vegan meal every Wednesday evening. Now that those evenings are cancelled for the coming weeks, they’ve decided to turn the vegan dishes to take-out dishes! For only €10 per person you get a vegan dinner, dessert and drink. You can pick it up on Wednesdays from 6 to 7:30pm at Stoom013. Order via 06-11655388 before Wednesdays 4pm. The first edition will be on Wednesday April 1st.


Afghan restaurant Sarban is offering take-out and delivery on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can reserve your dishes by calling 013-5353567. Order before 4pm on the desired day and you can pick it up or have it delivered.

Club SoDa Vegan Meal

Also on Thursdays it’s possible to have a vegan meal. Club SoDa offers a vegan meal for only €7,50 and a vegan dessert for only €4,- every Thursday. They’ll deliver the meal to your door. You can order by emailing to

Gouden Radijs Vegan Meal

And on Thursdays you can also get another vegan meal! Every Thursday Marith from De Gouden Radijs creates a vegan take-out menu. You can pick it up at a drive thru at Stoom013 in the Spoorzone from 5:30 to 7:30pm. You can go by foot or by train to the ‘drive thru’ as well. The menu changes every week. But she’ll always create a starter, main and dessert and you can choose which of the courses you’d like to order. She’ll announce the menu on her social media pages and the dishes are always vegan. You can pick up your vegan meal at Stoom013, at the Hall of Fame in the Spoorzone. The costs are 20,- per person for 3 courses and two drinks of your choice. You can reserve by sending a whatsapp or text message to 0628460285 before Thursday.


Karakter offers all kinds of dishes for delivery and take-away. They’ve got the high tea pictured for example, but also high beers and high wines. And their regular lunch and dinner dishes as well. From soups to hot dogs and fries. They’re open 7 days a week. You can order via this website.

Stadscafe Meesters

As of November 6 Stadscafe Meesters is offering take-out too. They’ve got several lunch dishes, like a lunchbox or an Italian roll with cream cheese. Unfortunately for me and other vegetarians, they don’t have many vegetarian options. For dinner they do have a great vegetarian option: mushroom ravioli. For lunch to-go they’re open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 to 5pm. For dinner they’re open Wednesday to Sunday from 5 to 8pm. You can order until 7:30 by calling 013-536 2987.

De Katterug

Evergreen lunchroom De Katterug is offering lunches and cakes for take-away and delivery. They’ve got several nice sandwiches and salads. Delivery is arranged via Thuisbezorgd and Deliveroo.

Dwars Hotdogbar

Dwars Hotdogbar already had delivery as well when they were still open, and now that the restaurant is closed they still deliver their hotdogs. You can order all hotdogs in a vegetarian version and they also have delicious sweet potato fries. You can order them via Deliveroo, but if you order via their own website with discount code ‘corona’ you get a 10% discount on your order.

Don’s Noodle Shop

Don’s Noodle Shop in the city center is open for take-away from Tuesday to Sunday. They’re open from 12 to 9pm. They’ve got all kinds of Asian dishes including, of course, Noodle soup. They’ve also got many vegetarian and vegan take-out options.

Click here for all vegan take-out and delivery options in Corona times.

Poke and More

My favorite choice if I want to have food delivered but I also want to eat healthy is Poke and More. You can order a costum made poke bowl, where you choose all the ingredients, or you can go for one of their combinations. There are two vegetarian options on their menu as well. You can order your poke bowl via their website.

Pizzabar Rijslust

Want an artisan pizza with very original toppings? Pizzabar Rijslust has got you covered. You can order all of their pizzas via Deliveroo, Uber Eats and, but you can also order them directly at Rijslust. If you order via Rijsluts, you get a 10% discount and you don’t have to pay delivery costs. Simply send a whatsapp or call to 06 28423705 to order.

De Groene Chef

Vegan restaurant De Groene Chef is back. They used to be at Bank15 but in the fall of 2020 they opened up at Mercado Emma. They were open for for take-away and delivery in some regions from Thursday to Sunday but at the moment they only offer special menus on Saturday. The menu is a 3 course vegan menu that changes every week. You can find the menu on their Instagram account. You can also order vegan borrelplanken at least 24 hours in advance that can be picked up on Saturdays at the Emma Passage. For more information you can send a Whatsapp to 0631741019.

Click here for all vegan take-out and delivery options in Tilburg.


Cafe Zomerlust in Moerenburg has opened up a shop inside their restaurant. Here you can buy all kinds of delicious foods and drinks. From beer packages to meals that you can warm up at home. They also have vegetarian options and this tasty vegan carrotcake.

Zoete Moed

As shops can remain open, Zoete Moed will still be open. Yvette, who bakes all the cakes and other sweets herself, will be open from 10am to 3pm. They’ll only let 1 costumer in at a time and you’ll have to pay by card.

Ristobar Cinecitta

The Ristobar, the restaurant of the Cinecitta cinema, also offers take away. They’ve got 4 different dishes, a goat cheese wrap, a veggie burger, chicken rendang and homemade bread with dips. The cinema itself is also open, so you can watch a movie and take-away something to eat afterwards.

Villa Vredelust

Villa Vredelust had just been open for a few days when they had to close down again. Luckily they do offer take-out.


Even Michelin star restaurant Monarh will deliver at home! They’ve got a 4 course menu for €59,- and you can also seperate dishes from their menu. You can order from Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 9pm by calling 013 – 536 5805. They strive to deliver within an hour and they deliver in Tilburg and Goirle.


Pizzeria and Italian restaurant Tredici is open for take-away on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From Friday afternoon 4pm onward you can call to order your food. You can pick it up at Tredici (at the end of the Korte Heuvel) from 5 to 10pm. You can check the menu on their website and call via 013-5442844.

Burger Business / Toasty Business

You can order a burger in the evening and grilled cheese during the day! The great thing about Toasty Business is that it’s one of the few places that delivers lunch in Tilburg on Sundays. They’ve got one vegetarian option, with lots of cheese and truffle as you can see pictured here.
Burger Business offers, you’ve guessed it, burgers. They’ve got a good vegetarian burger patty made from spinach and cheese.


Cooking workshop space Bollere in the Piushaven is offering take-out meals as well. They have a different dish every day. You can check the dishes on their website and order for the day that sounds good to you. You can order by sending a Whatsapp to 06-38123332.

Gastrobar Rix

Gastrobar Rix has had so many great initiatives since the restaurants closed. He started with a ‘friends of Rix’ campaign and with food delivery. After that he created a Virtual Reality Dinner and for a few months you could book one of the chefs on your doorstep to prepare your Parmesan cheese pasta at your front door. Chef Ricky his newest initiative is that he, or one of the other Gastrobar Rix chefs, comes to your house to cook! The chef will cook a 4, 5 or 6 course dinner for you and optionally your guests (vegetarian is not a problem). The chefs take care of everything; the plates, cutlery, glasses and even the table decoration. And afterwards he’ll take the dirty dishes with him and cleans the kitchen. There’s literally nothing you have to do except to sit back and enjoy.
You can order it by mailing to, make sure to share your name, address and the date you’d like to have the chef at your house.

Silk Road Restaurant

Silk Road Restaurant had just opened its doors when they had to close again in October. But they came up with a great concept. You could go out for dinner and enjoy a 4 course meal from Silk Road Restaurant at the City hotel in the city center of Tilburg. You’d sleep in one of the rooms of the hotel and you’d enjoy a nice breakfast the next day. For this arrangement you’d pay €70,- per person. But as the hotels are also closed at the moment, this arrangement isn’t bookable right now.

Lunchcafe Nieuwland

Lunchcafe Nieuwland, a very popular lunch spot in Tilburg, didn’t do anything during the first lockdown. But now they decided to do offer take-away. They’ve got a breakfast/brunch box in 3 variaties (standard, ‘uitgebreid’ and ‘deluxe’. They’re open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm. You need to order a day before, until 5pm, by mailing to

De Beren

The restaurant locations of De Beren are closed, but the delivery service still runs. Luckily Tilburg is a delivery area. You can check the menu and order online on their website.

La Cubanita

La Cubanita also has a take-out option. You can now order their tapas for take-away. Every 4 tapas are 12,50 and every additional tapa is 3,50 per dish. Click here to order.

Poke You

Poke You, the new Poke Bowl spot near the Albert Heijn XL, is also open for take-away and delivery. They’ve got vegetarian and vegan options as well. And I love it that they have a brown rice option too, instead of only white.

Jaxx Marina

Jaxx Marina at the Piushaven is offering starters and mains for take-out. You can order via Whatsapp at number 013-7856311 before 8:30pm the day before. And then pick it up from Friday to Sunday between 3 and 8pm. The vegetarian mains are truffle pasta and a vegetarian burger.

‘t Elfde Gebod

Eetcafe ‘t Elfde Gebod also delivers dinner. You can order via or via their own platform. If you send them a whatsapp with your order you’ll get a 10% discount. On the menu are dishes like burgers and chicken satay. I had this vegetarian burger with fries and salad.


Technically not in Tilburg, but in Goirle. But as some of my readers live in Goirle, I’ve added them as well. As of Thursday March 19, Koffiebakkers will deliver their sandwiches and cakes in Goirle. They will have an order form on their website. And you can also support Koffiebakkers by buying a giftcard that you can use later.

Stadsbrouwerij Tilburg

You can even order your artisan beers online in these Corona times. The locally brewed beers from Stadsbrouwerij Tilburg can be delivered to your house. Check out their beers on their website and order via whatsapp (06 30650227) or email ( to have them deliverd to your house.

Tuinhuis Culinair

Tuinhuis Culinair, the restaurant from the Westermarkt also does take-out and deliveries. You can order via their website or by calling 013-4634868. You can order from 10:30 am to 3pm. The menu is different every day, so have a look at what you can order today!

Boot 013

Boot013 at the Piushaven is open for lunch take away on Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 2pm. They’ve got several sandwiches, two salads and a soup.

Corta Colina

Another restaurant in Tilburg that delivers, is the new Corta Colina. This new restaurant is the new concept of Tortilla’s. So unfortunately you can’t order your Mexican meals there anymore, but Corta Colina is a great substitute with (South) American finger food and main dishes. With several great vegetarian and vegan options like this burger.


The app Deliveroo is still working. My favorite options in Tilburg on Deliveroo are:
* Mojo Sushi
* Dwars Hotdogbar
* The Cat’s Back
Pictured above you see the vegetarian jackfruit tacos from The Cat’s Back which I ordered with a portion of fries.

Uber Eats

Not very well known yet in Tilburg, but you can also use the app Uber Eats to get food delivered to your house.
My favorite options in Tilburg on Uber Eats are:
* Karakter Tilburg
* Flipped Story
* Beans & Bits
* Restaurant Masal

And of course the very popular delivery service is also still up and running. They offer mostly fast-food like burgers and pizza, but there are also some higher quality food options for Tilburg. My favorite options in Tilburg on are:
* Chocolate Company Tilburg
* Tuinhuis Culinair
* Babbo
* Aim Aroy
* Eetwinkel Verzot
* Focus Foodbar
* De Couscousbar
* Het Elfde Gebod
* De Kleine Indo

Pictured you see the vegan burger with ‘cheese’ from Focus Foodbar.

Other initiatives


Zoete Kaart
You can order one of the refined sugar-free cakes from Zoete Kaart for yourself, but you can also send it to a friend or family member. Especially convenient now that you can’t visit everyone and Birthdays can’t be celebrated. You can still give your friends a present and let them know you’re thinking about them. Zoete Kaart is made in Tilburg, but is shipped all over the Netherlands.

Goei Eete
You can always order food from local farmers via Goei Eete. You can just pick what you want to have online and pick it up at one of their pick-up points. During the Corona crisis, some of these pick-up points are closed, but you can still choose from 5 pick-up points in Tilburg, Reeshof, Goirle, Gilze and Berkel-Enschot. A great time to support your local farmers if you’re ordering groceries anyway.

At Boerschappen you can also order online from local farmers. Here you can’t pick your own groceries but you can choose from several different boxes. No matter which package you chooses, you’ll get enough vegetables for at 3 to 4 meals.

La Nonna
Italian restaurant La Nonna is open for take-away dishes. You can call them at 06-4570892 to let them know what you’d like to order. You can pick it up everyday (except Mondays) between 4 and 9pm. To thank you for your support they’re giving away a free Panna Cotta with every meal!

As of Thursday March 19 you can have the delicious chocolates ordered to your house. And not only to your own house, you can also have them delivered to a friend or family member. A great way to let them know that you’re thinking of them!

Het Elfde Gebod, Gin Fizz & The Cat’s Back
The three restaurants and bars on the Paleisring have combined their forces. You can now buy a giftcard that is valid at all three spots. Send an email to or whatsapp to 06-42807726 with your name, address and the amount that you would like.
By the way, ‘t Elfde Gebod is now also available on

Stoom013, the coffee train wagon in the Spoorzone, is open for take-away coffees and teas on Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

Foodatelier, the healthy and vegetarian take-out shop at the Vijfsprong is open as it normally is. They’re open from Tuesday to Thursday from 3pm to 7pm, on Friday from 11am to 7pm and Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

Borrel Experience
The Borrel Experience is great for everyone that likes to ‘borrel’. This Dutch tradition of drinking beer or wine and eating snacks is something that I miss a lot now that the bars are closed. Luckily you can create it at home with the Borrel Experience. You can choose between several different boxes and it’ll be delivered to your home.

Help de Horeca
A new website has been launched,, where you can buy gift-cards from your favorite restaurant. This way you support them financially now, and you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner later when the restaurants are open again. There are 100 restaurants in Tilburg that have joined.

Eten Over
At restaurants can offer their products directly to consumers. It’s a great initiative against food waste, as the restaurants don’t have to throw away their products anymore. And it’s great for the consumers too, as they can now cook with restaurant-quality products. Some restaurants offer the products for pick-up and some even deliver to your house. There are restaurants all over the Netherlands that have joined, and there are several options in Tilburg.

WeCare NL is an organisation that helps both the restaurants as the hard working health-care staff. You can donate an amount to WeCare and they’ll get gift-cards from local restaurants, that they’ll hand out to health care workers. This way the health care workers get a reward for their hard work, and the local restaurants get a financial compensation. Go to and click on your province if you want to make a donation.

And you might want to cook some more at home as well. You can find all kinds of healthy and vegetarian recipes on the recipe section of my blog.

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