Win a lunch for 2 at restaurant Loïc in The Hague

I discovered a new hotspot in The Hague and I’m so enthusiastic about it that I’ve collaborated with them to give away a free lunch for two at Restaurant Loïc.
Loïc is a French restaurant with a modern twist located at Binckhorst in The Hague.
Loïc is named after the the gastheer Loïc Le Marre, who’s born in Bretagne in France. The head chef Eric Chouard has over 30  years of experience in The Netherlands, England and of course France and has even worked at a Michelin Star restaurant.
Restaurant Loïc is open for lunch and dinner and I can make someone happy with a lunch for two on a day of your choice!
vegetarische burger loic den haag

On the menu you’ll find salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers and ‘planches’. Every category has a nice vegetarian version. They have witlof salad with blue cheese from the Auvergne region, a vegetarian Croque and a ‘planche’ with French cheeses.
They also have a great vegetarian burger from rice, lentils and beets served with avocado and cheese.

And the good thing about a French lunch is that you can have dessert! They have all of your favorite French desserts: Moelleux au chocolat, Tarte Tatin and of course Crème Brulée.

tarte tatin restaurant loic den haag

I went fort he apple Tarte Tatin which is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Now I understand you all want to win this delicious lunch and joining is even more easy than you’d think! Just like me and Restaurant Loïc on Facebook and leave a comment underneath my pinned post on why you should win this lunch!
Fingers crossed!

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One thought on “Win a lunch for 2 at restaurant Loïc in The Hague

  1. Geweldig leuk ! Hier zou ik graag met een lieve vriendin heengaan die even genoeg rottigheid heeft meegemaakt de laatste tijd . Daarbij hadden we het laatst over dat de Binckhorst zo leuk vernieuwd was en daar graag een kijkje zouden willen nemen. Zo leuk !

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