Vegetarian restaurant Hortus in The Hague

Hortus is one of my favorite restaurants in The Hague. Their menu is a 100% vegetarian so you won’t be stuck with little to choose from as is normally the case for vegetarians like me.
They’re housed in the beautiful boutique hotel La Paulowna near the Peace Palace.

They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I highly recommend them for dinner as that’s often the more challenging meal when you want to eat out as a vegetarian. The menu of restaurant Hortus in the Hague changes quite regularly so the dishes described on this page and the pictures shown are an indication. Because it could be that the menu is different when you’re there.

red beet carpaccio hortus the hague
At Hortus you have two options for dinner: you can go for the Month Menu or order several of the smaller dishes a-la-carte. The small dishes are divided in cold and warm dishes. You could start with some cold dishes like the beet carpaccio pictured above. And after that round order some warm dishes like Pom, a Surinamese casserole with rice and brown beans.

vegan gazpaccio tomato soup hortus the hague
I always like to go for the 4 course Menu of the Month. This menu is always 100% vegan, although you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything as every dish has really rich flavors. This gazpacho with 6 different vegetables was a nice course in between the starter and the main dish. It was served with a yellow bell pepper cream and tortilla crisps.

The first time I went, I had the chili burger served with cauliflower tomato rice, coleslaw and corn pictured at the top of this page. The last time I went for a veggie burger again. This time it was a kimchi burger, as you can see pictured here.

vegan chocolate dessert hortus the hagueThis dessert was incredible. it was a triple chocolate brownie with chocolate mousse and a chili-mango topping. I couldn’t believe it was 100% plant based. It tasted so creamy!

This autumn they had a homemade pumpkin cheesecake that I loved! And mu boyfriend went for the homemade tiramisu.

If you booked a suite at the boutique hotel La Paulowna upstairs, you can go straight to bed after your dinner!

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