A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Barcelona: the Best Bakeries and Pastry Shops

Are you a dessert lover with an insatiable sweet tooth? Look no further than Barcelona, the vibrant city that captivates food enthusiasts from around the world. Nestled within its charming streets are many bakeries and pastry shops that promise to satisfy your sugar cravings. From cookies to donuts and from cakes to pies. On this page I’m sharing the best bakeries and pastry shops in Barcelona, this is your sweet tooth’s guide. Sugar rush guaranteed!

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Bo & Mie

Bo et Mie is the bakery with the best location: right next to Sagrada Familia. They originated in Paris, where they’ve got several shops. So at their Barcelona outlet you can also expect all the French treats like scrumptious croissants and sweet eclairs. They also sell savory goodies like artisan bread, baguette’s and quiches. So whatever your bakery cravings: Bo & Mie will be the answer.
They’ve also got the famous New York Roll so you can make the very Instagrammable picture above.

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COOKONA, Eixample

Probably the best stuffed cookies in Barcelona can be found at Cookona in the Eixample neighborhood. At this pastry shop they sell all kinds of mouthwatering cookies in flavors like Kinder, Red Velvet or Carrot Cake. Pictured you see the ‘Rocher’. They also have a Cookie Pizza; a giant cookie with toppings of more than 1kg that you can order and pick up or have delivered within Barcelona. Great for Birthday parties!

CHÖK, 4 shops in Barcelona

chök has several shops in Barcelona and specializes in chocolate. They opened up their first shop in 2013 and ever since that have tried all kinds of cakes and pastries with chocolate. They sell chocolate bars, cupcakes, cronuts and much more. They also have vegan and gluten-free pastries.

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Boldú, 12 shops in Barcelona

At Boldú they have super cute ‘Bolduman’, this man shaped donut comes in all kinds of colors and flavors. Besides their regular flavors they also have seasonal flavors for the major holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The one on the picture was a ghost version for Halloween. And when it was Pride in Barcelona they had special rainbow versions.

JonCake, El Born

Probably the most popular cake shop in Barcelona is JonCake, people actually stand in line here for the cheesecake. The cheesecake is baked daily and super creamy. Other than American cheesecake, the cheesecakes at JonCake are made with a lot of cheese. The ‘Classic’, their signature cheesecake, is made with Parmigiano Reggiano 24M, Grana Padano 16M, Gorgonzola and Mascarpone. And they also have cheesecakes with brie and blue cheese. Don’t worry if you’re not a cheese fan: you can also order the chocolate cheesecake.

Demasié, El Born

Demasié probably has the best cinnamon rolls in Barcelona. This shop has tens of cinnamon roll flavors to choose from each day. Check out this Kinder cinnamon roll for example, or go for the Oreo or Black Forrest flavor just to name a few. Expect a lot of frosting on top of the cinnamon roll; so it’s sugar on sugar. You’ll feel like you’ve eaten a meal after one piece!

Brunells, El Born

Even without eating anything yet, I was already a fan of Brunells in Barcelona. It’s one of the oldest patisseries in the city and their shop is just beautiful. They’ve been in the same corner shop in Born since their start in 1852. You can order their sweets to take-away, but they also have a little cafe where you can sit down and enjoy your cake or pastry with a drink. If you don’t now what to choose; go for the (stuffed) croissant. It was voted Best Croissant of Spain in 2020.

Pastisseria Hofmann, El Born

I’m not sure if Pastisseria Hofmann in Barcelona is a pastry shop or a gallery. The pastries at Hofmann are real works of art. After running the Hofmann gastronomy school in Barcelona for decennia, Mey Hofmann opened up the pastry shop back in 2008. The cakes and pastries aren’t only a beauty to the eye, they taste amazing! Hofmann has won several awards including Best Pastry of Catalonia in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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Crumbles, Ciutat Vella

Crumbles is a bakery in the Old City of Barcelona. They’ve got cookies and cheesecakes but are mostly famous for their cinnamon rolls. They come in all kinds of tasty flavors like Baileys, Oreo and Lotus.

Boulangerie Mayer, 6 shops in Barcelona

Boulangerie Mayer is a French bakery with several shops in Barcelona. They’ve also got a bakery in Barceloneta. They’ve got all the French classics like Madeleines, baguettes and croissants. And they’ve also got delicious pastries. Everything is made by hand, free of colorings and palm oil, and you can taste the high quality. You can also order your pastries in advance.

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