New: Abel’s Deli 2.0 in Utrecht

You might already know Abel’s Deli on Utrecht Central Station. They’ve opened a little less than a year ago and are a great place to go for a cup of coffee on-the-go, a luxury chocolate bar for a friend or a pasta dinner for on the train. As of today Abel’s Deli has a big sister called Abel’s Deli 2.0. Abel’s Deli no 2 is located at Vredenburg, very close to the entrance of Utrecht Central Station and concert venue Tivoli Vredenburg. Abel’s Deli 2.0 is as if you’re in an Italian Deli in New York. Read this blog post to find out what they have to offer, to see pictures of their delicious food and you can win a year of free bowls at Abel’s Deli 2.0!

At Abel’s Deli they have several luxury food products for sale. They make great gifts for when you’re on your way to meet friends, but also great items to create a tappas picnic on sunny days. They have several original chocolate products, more savory products like olive oil and delicious Italian cannoli’s in several flavors.

They have very original chocolates at Abel’s Deli. This Unicorn Chocolate proves my point! But they also have gift boxes with beautiful chocolates, big chocolate hearts and mustache shaped chocolates.

Besides the articles that they sell in the shop they also sell several dishes to eat at their bar, on-the-go or to take home with you. They have several pasta bowls and sushiritto’s, a combination between sushi and burrito’s. But the star of the show is this curry bowl. It’s developed by 3 Michelin star chef Jacob Jan Boerma. It’s a mild curry sauce with pepper, courgette, multigrain rice and red lentils. It’s vegetarian and vegan but you can add chicken if desired.

And after dinner it’s time for dessert! They have some really cool ice cream flavors at Abel’s Deli 2.0. They’ve got soft serve matcha with golden balls, pistache with rosebuds and this eye catcher: unicorn ice cream!
Click here to see how you can make your own Unicorn Ice creams.

You can win a year of free bowls at Abel’s Deli 2.0! If you buy a bowl at Abel’s Deli on Vredenburg on Saturday February 17th you can win a year of dinner bowls. An extra reason to go and check out their new shop!

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