Recipe: Unicorn Ice Cream Bars

Aren’t these Unicorn Ice Cream bars super cute? They’re really easy to make and I’m sure everyone will love them!
They’re also great to make with kids, or as a treat for a birthday party. But to be honest I served them to adults and they all loved it too. I mean, who doesn’t love Unicorns?
Below I’ll explain how I made them, but you can also watch the video for a visual tutorial!

unicorn white magnums

White chocolate ice cream bars (e.g. Magnum)
powdered sugar
ice cream cones, the bottom broken off
decoration of your choice (e.g. colored sprinkles)
writing icing

Mix the powdered sugar with a little bit of water to create a frosting. Drip a bit of frosting on the top of the ice cream bar and ‘glue’ the bottom of an ice cream cone on it. The frosting will dry quite quickly so you can hold it in position until it’s dried. Add some more frosting around the horn and on the side and sprinkle with the decoration of your choice. This will be the unicorn’s hair. Use writing icing to draw the eyes (I used chocolate flavored icing).

Check the video of how I made them, or scroll down for more cute food inspiration!

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