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Today I made Rainbow colored Sushi! I made it the way I normally also make my sushi, but I used colored soy sheets. These sheets are gluten free and vegan, and so were my rainbow sushi rolls. For myself I usually fill them with avocado, cucumber, grated carrot, mushrooms or mango. And for my boyfriend I add some salmon because he loves that.
My rainbow colored sushi was a good reason for me to list my favorite sushi recipes for you on this page, starting with my most recent sushi recipe and ending with my most popular sushi recipe (spoiler: it’s my Sushi Cake) and another variety of vegan rainbow sushi.

Sushi Donuts
vegan sushi donuts recipe
These vegan sushi donuts look wonderful and they’re really easy to make. I made a video showing you how easy it is, and if you watch it you’ll also see what I’ve hidden inside them.

Sushi Bowl
sushi bowl or poke bowlThis healthy sushi bowl proves that you don’t need fish for sushi. This sushi bowl is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and it’s gluten free too! A sushi bowl looks great, and let’s face it; much easier to make than sushi rolls!

Sushi Burger
recipe sushi burger
To be honest, I didn’t know beforehand if this Sushi Burger would work out. I used a cooking ring to make the ‘buns’ and I was afraid that it wouldn’t stick together. But it did! Check the video here or the written recipe here.

Sushi Jar
recipe sushi jar
These sushi jars are perfect for a picnic! I made a vegan version for myself with mango and avocado and a version with avocado and salmon for my boyfriend. I’m realizing now that I made many food videos about sushi, because I also have a video showing you how to make these sushi jars.

Sushi Pizza
sushi pizza recipe
I know, it’s the perfect combination! I love experimenting with pizzas (hence my breakfast pizza recipe and my list of healthy pizza ideas). And I love experimenting with sushi (hence this page). I was really excited about making these sushi donuts! I’ve made a version with salmon and a vegetarian version with carrot, avocado, seaweed and sesame seeds. Click here for the recipe.

Sushi Cake
sushi cake
This Sushi Cake or Sushi Pie is a very popular recipe on my website and definitely the most popular video on my YouTube channel with over 3000 views. It’s actually one of the first video’s I made! It looks very festive on the dinner table and is great to make for a sushi lovers birthday party!

Rainbow Sushi

On the top of this page you saw some colored sushi but if you don’t have the colored sushi sheets you can also make vegan rainbow sushi by coloring the sushi rice with natural coloring!

Let me know if you made one of my sushi recipes by tagging me on Instagram or Facebook.

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