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Today was such a wonderful day! Together with the wonderful Myra from Myra Madeleine I organized breakfast especially from food bloggers from my region Brabant. We called it: Brabants Bloggers Breakfast.
We organized this breakfast because we’d love to show the world what Brabant has to offer food-wise, and also because Brabant is voted European Region of Gastronomy this year. All year long there are all kinds of events in Brabant within the theme ‘food’; you can check them all at

It was so lovely to spend a morning with fellow ‘Brabantse’ foodies, to eat good food and to hear stories from food businesses uit Brabant. I love to share with you what we ate, where you can eat that too and what was in the very big goodie bags that we handed out!


The location
We had our Brabants Bloggers Breakfast at the industrial Sundaymorning@EKWC in Oisterwijk (close to Tilburg).
Sundaymorning@ekwc is an international workspace where artists, designers and architects explore the possibilities with ceramics.

The table styling

They beautifully styled table was made by Marielle from Enjoy Pure Styling. She creates a beatuful table setting for each occasion and also gives color advice. You can hire her for your next party or event!

Everyone at the table took many pictures of course (that’s what you get when you meet up with 15 food bloggers), but we also had professional photographer Merel from Merel-Pics around. She took pictures of the setting and of the bloggers. You can hire Merel for your next foto shoot, for example if you want pictures for on your own blog!


These beatiful cookies that were on the table when everyone entered are from Kim from Droomkoekjes. Kim makes the prettiest cookies in any shape or color. Wether you’re hosting a flamingo party or you want to surprise a friend with cookies in the shape of her pet or favorite food: Droomkoekjes has got you covered!


Vegan cheese croissant

Last year Ella Gorte started her own bakery Van Planten from her personal passion for veganism and good pastries. She makes a plant-based version of all the classic cakes, from cheesecake to apple pie. Her vegan croissants are her latest invention. One of the places where you can get her vegan pastries is at conceptstore Velerlei in Tilburg. Click here to read more about vegan options in Tilburg. 


Mini breakfast

We all got paper bags with a mini breakfast from Boerschappen, on this picture you see a few of the items that were in there. They deliver food boxes with products from farmers in Brabant to consumers (so also to your house!). Within 8 hours from the fields to your kitchen, so real fresh and from an honest farmer. They deliver in the entire province of Brabant.
During our breakfast the cheese came from the Zuiveldriehoek in Oosterhout, the jam from De Laarhoeve in Diessen and the breads from baker Pol van den Bogaert.


Here you see Teun from Dis Teun with the delicious finger food bites that he made. Dis Teun is a traiteur at the Noordkade in Veghel. You can go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner but also for a take-away meal or a (wedding)party. They’re well known for their daily meal for only 10 euros (you can choose between meat, fish and vegetarian) and they have a cosy indoor ‘terrace’ in the Proeffabriek on the Noordkade.  The De Noordkade and the Proeffabriek are worth a visit anyway!


I loved these ‘tosti’s’ (grilled cheese) from the Spijsbereiders! They took it to the next level and created these culinary tosti’s. The Spijsbereiders create food products and concepts. Besides their ‘fantosti’s’ (which you can buy at the Albert Heijn supermarkets), they have their own pop-up restaurant called Anderhalf (one and a half). And they do many other things. So keep an eye out on the Spijsbereiders Facebook page, because you don’t want to miss out on what they’re up to!


Bosche Bollen

Ever heard of Bosche Bollen? When you’re from the Netherlands you won’t need an introduction, but for my international visitors: Bosche Bollen are a pastry covered with chocolate and filled with whipped cream. And everyone in brabant knows that for the real Bosche Bollen you need to go to Jan de Groot in Den Bosch. The bakery is very close to the train station so it’s perfect to pick up on your way home from a day in Den Bosch.
Ze behoeven eigenlijk geen introductie meer. Iedereen weet dat je voor de echte chocolade bollen naar Den Bosch moet, en wel voor de Bossche Bollen van Jan de Groot. De bakkerij zit vlakbij het station en is dus ideaal voor als je op weg naar huis van een dagje Den Bosch nog een eetbaar souvenirtje mee wil nemen.

Coffee tasting
We ended our breakfast with a coffee tasting by our hosts Rozema & van Schijndel. You can visit Rozema en van Schijndel at the EKWC for a cup of coffee, and you can also buy their coffees for at home or organize your own coffee tasting for your family or group of friends!


What else was on the table?
On our beautiful table we had:

  • Table ware from Blomus
  • Keltum cutlery and Schott Zwiesel glasses via Koster Vugs
  • Yogurt, milk and buttermilk from Lekker Brabant
  • Champagne from Dassemus
  • Applejuice Boomgaard Lisboa


In the Goodie Bag

We had a really, really big goodie bag (which was actually a box) with all kinds of really cool products. All from Brabant! It shows that Brabant really deserves the region of gastronomy as all these companies, farmers and shop owners were so generous to offer something for our goodie bag. I think the least they deserve is a mention on my blog. So have a look at all the products that were in the goodie bag:

It was such a wonderful event. I want to thank everyone who helped putting this together and of course I want to thank all the Brabantse Bloggers for coming!

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