Cereal & Chill: Cereal Cafe in Amsterdam

Cereal & Chill is Amsterdam’s first Cereal Cafe. It’s not only a cereal heaven with pretty much every variety available, it’s also a trip down memory lane with an interior that seems to date back to the nineties.
At Cereal & Chill you can create your own bowl of cereal, and you can go as crazy as you like! Mixing Cheerio’s with Reese’s Puff and top it with marshmallows and Oreos? At Cereal & Chill it’s possible.

You can find Cereal & Chill in ‘De Pijp’ neighborhood in Amsterdam, close to the new De Pijp subway station and around the corner of the Happyhappyjoyjoy De Pijp location.

When you order at Cereal & Chill you start with choosing the size of you bowls: kids, standard or superbowl. Then you choose 1 or 2 cereals. They have 100 cereals to choose from. I went for the healthy, sugar free Kellog’s granola and the Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats. You can choose 3 toppings for free and they have no less than 20 toppings to choose from. From Fruit or nuts to Dutch Stroopwafels and from Kit Kat to (vegan) whipped cream. I went for Milk Chocolate Chips and Kinder Bueno. I’m sure my mom wouldn’t let me top my cereal with Kinder Bueno when I was a kid!
And finally you choose your milk: whole, semi skimmed, oat or almond.

Besides cereals, you can also go for savory or sweet toasties. Isn’t your sweet tooth satisfied yet? Go for one of their milkshake or freakshakes. The M’Oreo is for real Oreo cookie fans as it has Oreos in the shake, on the rim and on top. The Powerfluff is very Instagrammable with a pink milkshake laced with marshmallow fluff.

The interior of Cereal & Chill makes you feel like you’ve entered a 90’s bedroom with posters of the Spice Girls and the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. And you can play the Nintento 64 from the bean bags in the gaming area. So play a game of Mario Kart while you’re there!

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