Happyhappyjoyjoy opened 3rd location in De Pijp

Happyhappyjoyjoy, the Asian streetfood restaurant with the briljant name and even better interior, has opened up a 3rd location in Amsterdam. The newest restaurant can be found in hip neighborhood De Pijp, right next to the new metro stop. After Happyhappyjoyjoy West and East, this third location can be found at the Ceintuurbaan in Centrum/South. They’re open from noon until after midnight so it’s a great spot for lunch, dinner or late night snacks.

Happyhappyjoyjoy West opened up their first restaurant in Amsterdam West, around the corner from where I lived at the time. I went there when it had just opened up attracted by the hysterical interior. Just like at the Asian streetfood markets you’ll find a lot of colors in the Happyhappyjoyjoy restaurants. From waving lucky cat statues, to lanterns and colorful posters; the interior is clearly inspired by Asia. Quite soon they opened up Happyhappyjoyjoy East and now it’s time for the 3rd restaurant in De Pijp.

Not only the interior is Asia inspired, the menu is as well. On the menu you’ll find all kinds of Asian street food dishes. From countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. The dishes are the size of a small starter, so you can order several dishes for a real Asian street-food fest! At Happyhappyjoyjoy they recommend 3 or 4 dishes per person to have a complete meal, but I have to say that we shared 4 dishes with 2 people as a lunch and that was more than enough for us.
They also have Asian drinks on the menu, so you can have a traditional tea or a cold Singha beer.

The menu is divided in categories and all vegetarian dishes are clearly marked. The categories include ‘Snacks’ with dishes like vegetable tempura and springrolls, ‘Dim Sum’ with all kinds of steamed dumplings and ‘Baos’ with 5 different kinds of steamed buns. I went for the vegetarian bao (pictured here) with a green steamed bun, pulled jackfruit and gojijang-mayonaise. Gojijang is a red chili paste, so the mayonaise has a slightly spicy taste, a great combination with the steamed bun.

The fish, beef and chicken dishes also have their own categories on the menu of Happyhappyjoyjoy and furthermore you’ll find soups, salads, curries and rice & noodles listed on the menu. We went for the Lo Pak Ko, spicy fried noodles with radish dumplings, Chinese mushroom, egg and onion.

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