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Each month I’m keeping you posted about all new food releases. If there are any cool products launched that I think you should know of, I’m posting them on this page.
You can read the new food products of February 2019 here, or scroll down to read the food news of March 2019.

Australian Snapper
Australian has launched a 100% organic chocolate line called Snapper. They come in 6 different flavors and they all taste great! The Australian Snappers have the Rainforest Alliance quality mark and part of the profit goes to a development organization for children (SOS Kinderdorpen). The wrappings are colorful and remind me of my trip to Australia! You can find the Australian Snappers at Hudson’s Bay and at the Australian Homemade website.

Farmed Today
As of this month, Farmed Today isn’t only available in Amsterdam but in the entire Netherlands. Farmed Today is an initiative to increase biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. On their website you can buy sustainable food from local producers and have them delivered to your home. They can be fruit and vegetables but also all kinds of other products like local honey from Springbalsemien or the protein powders from Plenny. Click here to see what Farmed Today has to offer today.

Andros So Good & Veggie
There’s a new vegan dairy alternative! The yoghurts and desserts from Andros So Good & Veggie are made from coconut or almond milk, so they’re also soy free. They have 4 yoghurts packaged with 4 x 100 grams in the flavors plain, strawberry, peach and blackberry-raspberry. And they have two desserts in the flavors vanilla and hazelnut-chocolate in a 2 person package. They’re available at most Coop and Jumbo supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Zoete Kaart
Has someone been sweet to you and that makes you want to give them something sweet? Or is someone going through a tough time? Or does anyone has got something to celebrate? All good reasons to send them some sweet mail! If you live in the Netherlands you can now send them a ‘Zoete Kaart’, this package that fits in the mailbox contains a card and a sweet pastry. You can choose which cake or cookie you’re sending to them, but they are all homemade and don’t contain any added granulated sugars. If you order it before 1pm, they’ll receive it the next day!

Vegetarische Slager and Mora
The Vegetarische Slager (the vegetarian butcher) partnered up with Dutch snack expert Mora to release a line of vegetarian and vegan snacks. There’s vegetarian bitterballen, vegetarian ‘kroketten’ and vegan kipkorn (crunchy ‘chicken’ stick). You can find the packages in the freezer of your supermarket. You can keep them in your freezer until you want to use them and then prepare them in the oven or the airfryer.

Kinder Ice Cream
As of March 2019 Kinder ice cream will be available in the Netherlands. There’ll be four different flavors: Kinder Bueno ice cream bar, Kinder Bueno ice cream cone, Kinder ice cream stick, Kinder ice cream sandwich. I love Kinder Bueno (I even had it in my cereal at Cereal & Chill) so I’m most curious about the Kinder Bueno versions. The Kinder Bueno ice cream bar looks like a Kinder Bueno bar but in ice cream shape. The Kinder ice creams are for sale in the Netherlands as of March 11 2019.

Happy Truffel
These chocolates will make you happy instantly! And I can make you happy too as you can win this box of Happy Truffels! Happy Truffels are handmade chocolate truffels in bright colors and different flavors. 2 Chocolate lovers came up with the idea that chocolate could be more colorful so they invented Happy Truffel. The colorful look doesn’t mean that they’re less tasty as they use high quality Callebaut chocolate to make them.

Froach Pods
With the arrival of the Froach Pods from Joseph Joseph, there’s a new way of preparing eggs! As you might get from the name; it’s a combination of frying and poaching. With frying eggs you need a lot of oil, and poaching eggs can be quite difficult (check my tip for poaching eggs for dummy’s) . With these Froach Pods you solve both problems and you make a healthy egg dish that’s fool-proof! Just crack the egg into the hole and add 2 tablespoons of water in the reservoir. After 2 or 3 minutes your froached eggs are done. Click here to see the result!

CLIF Bar Peanut Butter Banana
There’s a new vegan CLIF bar and it has my favorite flavor combination: peanut butter banana! It’s covered with dark chocolate; the perfect threesome if you ask me! The CLIF bars are made to give you energy for during your work-out and all the CLIF bars are 100% plant-based, so they’re suitable for vegans.

Ben & Jerry’s: on the dough
I’m always happy when Ben & Jerry’s launches a new product because it’s the perfect excuse to eat it! Their new product doesn’t come in a tub, although it does taste like it. The new On the Dough slices taste like they’ve been sliced out of the middle of a jar of Ben & Jerry’s. The benefit is that you can easily eat it anywhere. You don’t need a spoon and you can just hold it in one hand. Perfect for when you’re on the go… or should I say ‘on the dough’?

Illie Billie Sweet Chili Saus
Last October I told you how Illie Billie from Verstegen had launched a sugar free ketchup and this month they have launched something new: Sweet Chili Sauce. This chili sauce is also sugar free.
Illie Billie is a beetle that also stars in a children’s book to raise awareness for children with diabetes. Illie Billie can’t eat any sugar, so it’s a perfect mascot for the sugar free sauces from Verstegen.

Fairtrade Original Kruidenpasta’s
Fairtrade Original has launched 6 new ‘kruidenpasta’s’. These spice pastes are inspired by the Middle East, one of my favorite cuisines. With the exception of the mix for Moroccan meatballs, all the other spice pastes are suitable for vegetarian or even vegan dishes. Actually, you can also use the mix for Moroccan meatballs for vegetarian balls as the mix itself is completely vegan. The roasted cauliflower mix from Lebanon and the vegetable couscous paste from Morocco are my favorites. All spice pastes are fair-trade and organic. They’re available at the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands.

KitKat Green Tea Matcha
When I was in Japan, I already tasted the Matcha KitKat. You can read all about the Japanese candy that I bought on this page. But as of now, the KitKat Green Tea Matcha is also available in Europe. I noticed that the European version is more mild than the Japanese version, which makes sense as the Japanese are more used to drinking matcha tea. This pure green tea is known for its antioxidants and very popular in Japan.
Curious? Check out my Matcha Recipes or my Matcha Pinterest Board.

Nadia & Merijn’s SOUQ
Chefs and cookbook authors Nadia and Merijn have launched their SOUQ line products at Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn. The products that they would normally buy in countries like Morocco and Lebanon to make their recipes are now available in the Netherlands. From whole wheat couscous to dukkah and Lebanese flatbread: they have launched more than 10 products for the Dutch costumers.

Eet als een Expert, Zwanger
I’m a huge fan of the Eet als een Expert books, I have all three previous books (Eet als een Expert, Eet als een Atleet and Eet als een Expert Party Time). In June their fourth book Eet als een Expert, Zwanger will come out. They have just released the first picture of the book: this cover.
I will of course keep you posted when you can pre-order the book!

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