De Rode Vosch: Australian restaurant in Utrecht

If you only think about pub food and barbecue when you think of Australian food, De Rode Vosch in Utrecht will prove you wrong!
De Rode Vosch is a stylish Australian restaurant in the city center of Utrecht.
If you’ve ever been to Australia, de Rode Vosch will bring back all your good memories as they’ve got all your Australian favorites! Haven’t been to Australia yet? Go visit de Rode Vosch, get in the spirit, and book your ticket as soon as you can!
de rode vosch

De Rode Vosch is open 7 days a week for dinner and from Thursday till Sunday you can also enjoy a ‘Lazy laid back lunch’ there.
I went there for dinner and I had a great meal with a bit of melancholy to my trip to Australia. At The Rode Vosch every dish is the size of a starter, so you’ll get a tablef full of nice dishes and you can try a lot!

Pulled mushroom tacos utrecht
As you might know Australians love to barbecue, at the Rode Vosch they have many meat and fish dishes from the lavagrill to duplicate the barbecue taste. They even have ostrich and crocodile! Luckily for me, they also have many vegetarian dishes!
Check out these pulled mushroom tacos with goat cheese and coriander for example. A great barbecue flavor without any meat!

curry rode vosch utrecht
Pictured above is a yellow curry with pumpkin. Curries aren’t very Australian, I know. But it’s a very popular dish there and there are many curry restaurants in Australia. And besides, this curry tasted delicious so I’m not complaining!

vegan dumplings utrechtThey even had some vegan dishes at The Rode Vosch like these vegan dumplings with teriyaki, mandarin sauce and seaweed!

papaya salad rode vosch utrechtThis papaya salad with glass noodles can be vegetarian (as pictured) or served with shrimps.

sweet potato fries rode vosch
And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they served the sweet potato fries!

mango pavlova rode vosch utrecht
They also have some Australian desserts at the Rode Vosch, one of them is this mango pavlova. And real Australian fans will know what I’m talking about if I say that they have a TimTam cheesecake!

Click here to reserve your table at De Rode Vosch

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