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Den Bosch is a nice little city in Brabant, near Utrecht, Eindhoven and Tilburg. Most of the restaurants have been there for quite a while and their menus didn’t change much. There are a few new hotspots however, that do have a more creative menu. Check my favorites on this page. All restaurants and lunchrooms on this page have plenty of healthy and vegetarian options, some also have great dishes for vegans.


Pollevie used to be located in the city center but has moved to the upcoming area on the West side of Central Station. Pollevie puts vegetables in the spotlight, and even though they also serve meat and fish it’s a heaven for vegetarians and vegan as they have many veggie options.
You can read more about Pollevie in Den Bosch on this page.


Noemme is a perfect restaurant for flexitarians. Or for vegetarians/vegans that are going out for dinner with a meat loving friend. Noemme focusses on vegetarian and vegan dishes but they also have good meat and fish dishes. And they also have gluten-free dishes on their menu. Noemme is located in the great Korte Putstraat, a cosy street lined wit restaurants.

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Creme Coffee and Pastry

Creme coffee and pastry is the perfect spot for a good cup of coffee. They’ve got all kinds of varieties and especially for non-coffee experts they’ve explained every option on their menu. As every good coffee shop should have they also have quite a few cakes to go with your cup of coffee or tea. They also have a handful of breakfast items on the menu at Creme, including this breakfast bowl. It’s a smoothie bowl made with banana, berries and soy milk. It’s served with granola and fresh kiwi and topped with hazelnut crunch and fresh fruit. They serve lunch every day and dinner from Thursday to Saturday, both with the ‘shared dining’ concept where you can order smaller dishes for your company to share. They have many vegetarian options!

Frenchie Cafe

After the big success of Frenchie Cafe in Utrecht, they opened up a restaurant in Den Bosch as well. Frenchie is a heaven for Instagrammers and food bloggers! Not only the interior is very Instagrammable with its marble tables and pink sofas. The dishes also make the perfect Instagram shot. The best dishes for good Instagram pictures are the red velvet pancakes, the unicorn cupcakes, the freakshakes and these unicorn pancakes.


Nippen calls itself a Restobar as it’s the perfect combination of a restaurant and a bar. It’s the perfect spot for some nibbles with a glass of wine, a great lunch or a shared dinner. The restaurant is beautifully designed and so are the dishes.
Click here to read more about Nippen Restobar.

Current Rooftop Bar

Current rooftop bar is a beautiful restaurant located on top of the Den hotel. You can find it at the Paleiskwartier at the west side of the central station. On the ninth floor you’ll enter the restaurant with its beautiful interior. Chef Erwin used to work at a Michelin star restaurant in Amsterdam, and now creates tasty dishes at Current rooftop bar. Current is open for dinner from Thursday to Saturday.
There’s also a great bar at the rooftop, open from Wednesday to Saturday. It’s cosy and has a pretty pink and botanical interior. 


Did you haver have Armenian food? At restaurant Shirak in Den Bosch you can! They serve all kinds of delicious Armenian dishes like Armenian rice or Armenian stew. All dishes are super tasty. Even the ‘simple’ bowl of rice is already super tasteful. They also have many vegetarian options and you can even go for a vegan or gluten-free menu. You can have a little taste of Armenia without needing to travel there.

Tappunt Zuid

Tappunt Zuid is located on a lovely small square in the city center of Den Bosch. They’re mostly known for their beers and their flammkuchen. If you’re going there, I absolutely recommend that you try their flammkuchen. For example the vegetarian flammkuchen with guacamole, tomatoes, olives and feta cheese. But if you’re not a flammkuchen lover, they also have several other great lunch dishes like sandwiches and salads. One of my favorites is the sandwich with barbecue avocado and poached egg. 


Right next to Tappunt Zuid you can find Loff. It’s one of my favorite places to go for drinks on a sunny day in Den Bosch. You’ve got a lot of sun on their terrace, and because it’s located on a small square there isn’t much wind. They have some nice snacks to go with your beer or wine, like these Bugles Nachos.


Buurt is a nice restaurant just outside of the city center of den Bosch (officially called ‘s-Hertogenbosch). They’re open for breakfast, lunch  and dinner. They’ve got several vegetarian choices like a vegaburger or the halloumi salad pictured above. I love halloumi, this cheese from Cyprus is easy to grill and tastes great with a salad, click here if you want to give it a try yourself.


NomNom is a cosy place for lunch, drinks or dinner. I love them especially because they have many vegetarian options! Their menu changes regularly so I can’t promise you that they’ll still have these options; but when I was there the last time they had yogurt with granola, a quinoa burger and a delicious halloumi cheese salad. They also had a delicious vegan option: sourdough bread with pumpkin hummus! Yum! I love hummus, so I was very happy with this option. Click here if you want to make your own pumpkin hummus.

Fifty Fifty

Around the corner from NomNom you’ll find Fifty Fifty. At Fifty Fifty they sell oats and soft shell tacos. It’s called fifty fifty because they have healthy and guilty versions of both dishes. One of the healthy oat dishes for example is with carrot, raisin and cinnamon, whilst a guilty version is with chocolate and crunchy peanut butter. Same goes for the soft shell tacos. I of course went for a healthy version! All three healthy tacos are vegetarian. Pictured you see the goat cheese, beetroot, corn and radish taco with the falafel taco in the background.


Restaurant Noble is a Michelin starred restaurant at the edge of the city center of Den Bosch. Expect high-quality dishes, with recognizable and pure ingredients. Some of the best food you’ve ever tasted, but with staff that walks around on sneakers. So you can enjoy your lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Wijnbar Bij Dirk

Speaking of culinary; at Wijnbar bij Dirk they also serve dishes on the higher levels of gastronomy. What’s particularly special about Bij Dirk is that they don’t have a menu. You just say how many courses you want and if you have any dietary wishes and the team will spoil you the whole evening with delicious dishes and matching wines.


Moeke is a restaurant that has several locations in the Netherlands. The one in Den Bosch opened up on August 1st 2020. I was one of the firsts to try the new Moeke and I really liked it. It’s set on a beautiful location at the Pettelaarse Schans. I loved the interior that has warm colors and several segments, so you don’t get the feel like you’re in a big building. They also have a nice terrace next to the big lawn. They’ve got quite a big menu so there’s something for everyone. I went for this Flammkuchen with goat cheese.


MonQui is a bit of a hidden gem. Most people who arrive in Den Bosch by train walk straight through the Stationsweg into the city center. But it’s worth to stop by at MonQui on your way (or when you want to meet up somewhere close to the central station of course!). MonQui is a small concept store that sells great gift items, post cards and interior decorations. But they also serve coffee, tea and lunch either inside or in their urban garden. It’s a great option for nice weather as it’s difficult to find a quit place in the city center. They have a few sandwiches, salads, a soup, a grilled cheese sandwich or a luxury breakfast. They also have this all-day breakfast bowl with granola, banana and chia seeds.


The first CoffeeLab opened up in Eindhoven with CoffeeLab UC as it’s official name where UC stands for Under Construction. Now that they’ve opened up a shop in Den Bosch as well it might seem like they aren’t really under construction anymore, but the owner explained that they’re always looking for improvements so the name is still applicable. Besides great coffees you can also get a delicious lunch or a vegan cheesecake at CoffeeLab. With its tropical interior and location close to the train station it’s also one of my favorite work places in Den Bosch.

Anne & Max

You can find Anne & Max restaurants all over the country, and I always love visiting one. And not only because of the name! The Anne & Max in Den Bosch can be found at the edge of the old city center, near the big Sint Jan parkeergarage. They’ve got delicious lunch dishes and they serve them quite fast, so it’s perfect if you don’t have much time. And if you do have some time to spare, I recommend you sit yourself down in the lovely sunroom. 

The Shift

The shift is a 100% vegan restaurant in Den Bosch. It’s called The Shift because they have a Morning, Afternoon and Evening Shift. And those 3 moments of they day have their own menu and even their own interior! That’s right; 3 times a day the complete interior of The Shift changes. And maybe the name also refers to showing you how easy it is to make the shift from animal-based protein to plant-based proteins. I know that these vegan lunch wraps and paninis definitely showed me that you don’t need animal products for a good lunch.


The location of Bitterzoet is perfect if you’re going shopping in Den Bosch and you’re looking for a good spot to have lunch. You can find Bitterzoet right in the middle of the shopping district. They’ve got sandwiches with more than enough topping and delicious cakes. They’ve got plenty of windows so you can look out and do some people-watching in the meantime. 


One of the nicest streets in Den Bosch to go out for dinner is the Korte Putstraat. This small street is only open for pedestrians and it has restaurants lined on both sides of the street. Especially in the evening this is a very nice place to go. The only downside is that I tried several restaurants there that I didn’t really like (few vegetarian options or low quality). Luckily there’s Roels. Roels has something for everyone, from meat-eater to vegetarian and from health freak to comfort-food lover. For lunch I often go for this avocado toast and for dinner the Libanese salad is my favorite.


Boergondisch is a deli that sells high quality and local products. You can order a sandwich or small meal to go, but you can also sit down for lunch at one of the few tables in the back of the shop. They have homemade soups and several sandwiches with different kinds of cheeses for the vegetarians. They also have vegetarian wraps as you can see pictured above.

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