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Looking for Instagrammable places in Den Bosch in the Dutch province Brabant? I’ve got you covered! On this page I’m sharing the best Instagram spots in Den Bosch. All these places are free to access and will look great on your Instagram or Facebook feed. Check the complete list with photogenic Instagram spots in Den Bosch on this page!

Sint Janskathedraal

The people of Den Bosch just call him the ‘Sint Jan’, this beautiful cathedral in the city center of Den Bosch. In 1220 they started building the first church on this premises, but not much has remained from it. The cathedral you can see today was build around 1380. It’s build in Gothic style. It’s one of the largest Catholic churches in the Netherlands. The Sint Janskathedraal is free to visit. To get this Instagrammable picture of the Sint Jan, I put my phone on the floor to take a picture.


Another great Instagram spot in Den Bosch is Moerputten. It’s a nature area just outside the city center of Den Bosch, behind the Jeroen Bosch hospital. From the train station it’s just a short bike ride to the South to reach the Moerputten area. There are several great walking paths here. The walking routes are clearly marked and there are several routes that aren’t too long, so they’re also great for the inexperienced walker or families. I thought this wooden walkway was very Instagrammable. You can find it by making a left right before the entrance of the Moerputten brug (see below).

Moerputten brug

The Moerputtenbrug could be the most Instagrammed spot of Den Bosch. This bridge was built as a railway track for the train coming from Den Bosch in 1890. It hadn’t been used for years and was completely renovated at the beginning of this century. As of 2011 it’s open to the public again. Now it makes a great spot for a symmetrical Instagram picture!


If you’ve seen pictures of Den Bosch with a lot of street art on it, it’s probably taken here. You can find this street with a lot of graffiti at the Havendijk. The buildings are the homes of squatters now and they got very creative with their spray cans. It’s makes a great background for fashion shoots!

Brede Haven

One of my favorite streets in Den Bosch is Brede Haven. This street is next to the canal and it’s lined with pretty houses. Each house is different but they all look like cute gingerbread houses. When people are visiting Den Bosch for a day trip from Amsterdam, I always recommend this street. The houses are just as cute as in the canal belt of Amsterdam but it’s way less touristic. There are hardly any pedestrians and hardly any cars in your way for a very photogenic picture.


If you loved the street art at the Havendijk, then you’ll also like the Tramkade around the corner. The Tramkade is a creative area close to the central station and the railwaytracks in Den Bosch. It used to house a factory, but now you can find a restaurant, a beer brewery, a hotel and several creative businesses and festivals here. And, as you can see, some lovely graffiti.


Besides the graffiti, the Tramkade has another reason why it’s nice to visit: the Werkwarenhuis. This creative space that’s mostly used as a restaurant is so nicely decorated. You can already see it by the interior pictured, but wait until you see what’s inside! The interior of the Werkwarenhuis is completely pink!


The old river floating through Den Bosch is called de Binnendieze. It’s a great idea to book a boat tour on the Binnendieze where you’ll learn much more about the city. There are so many beautiful spots to see the Binnendieze. As it floats all through the city (and sometimes under it!) there are many spots where you can see this river. Just walk around and go look for it!


I have to admit that they are a bit far out of the city center, and they’re the most fun to see from above (lucky you if you have a drone!), but these ‘bolwoningen’ couldn’t miss this list of top Instagram spots Den Bosch. This little neighborhood called ‘bollenveld’ (bulb field) was build in 1984 and consists of 50 round buildings. Each ball house as three levels and a storage room. You might think that it’s difficult to live there, but the houses are actually all inhabited!

Frenchie Cafe

There’s also a place in Den Bosch where you can order very Instagrammable food! It’s called Frenchie Cafe (they also have one in Utrecht) and it’s the perfect spot for some Instagrammable pancakes, milkshakes and cupcakes! Look at these Unicorn Pancakes for example! And the interior is lovely too with pink sofas and white marble printed tables. Reserve a table just to be sure of a spot.

In Den Boerenmouw

This street with the funny name (In the Farmer’s sleeve) is mostly great because it got a perfect backdrop: the Sint Jan Cathedral! It’s a cute street, don’t get me wrong, but what makes it a great Instagram spot is that you can see the cathedral in the background.


Den Bosch has many lovely little streets and alleys in the city center. The Schilderstraat is one of them. You just turn left at the end of a big shopping street and all of a sudden you find yourself in a quiet alley. It has lovely houses and many plants.

Mural Schilderstraat

At the end of this lovely Schilderstraat you can find this big mural. This wall painting is made by 9 students of the old painter techniques school. The fresco is inspired by a painting from the famous painter Jheronimus (Jeroen) Bosch. You see Eve in the Garden of Eden on this big fresco in the Schilderstraat.

Sint Jacobshof

There aren’t only cute alleys in Den Bosch, there’s also a lovely courtyard in the city center of the city. It’s called the Sint Jacobshof. It’s a hidden gem, right behind the Sint Jan cathedral.

Jeroen Bosch

You can see references to the famous painter Jeroen Bosch throughout the city of Den Bosch. Many of them are in or near the water. So when you’re walking around the city, make sure to keep your eyes open for unique fantasy creatures.


The last Instagram spot in Den Bosch on this list is the coffee bar opposite of the central train station. It houses Coffeelab where you can get a nice lunch or a piece of cake next to the fantastic coffee that they serve.

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