Everything sweet: chocolate shop and lunchroom in Gilze-Rijen

With more and more nice restaurants opening up in my hometown Tilburg, I’d almost forget to look a bit further than just my own city. And that would be a shame because there are many nice restaurants and lunchrooms that can be found within a stone’s throw of Tilburg. So every once in a while I get on my bike or in our car and I drive to something in the area of Tilburg to discover new food spots and to share them with you. I wrote about Brasserie VOC in Udenhout for example and this time it’s time for Everything Sweet Cafe in Gilze-Rijen.

Wendy from Everything Sweet started with a small chocolate shop in Gilze-Rijen a few years ago. She noticed that she got many regular costumers who lingered around her shop. They all wanted a quick chat with Wendy or the other costumers. At one point Wendy bought a coffee machine so the guests of the chocolate shop could have a coffee whilst catching up. In the meantime she also noticed that her chocolate shop was getting too small.
So she moved to a bigger space at shopping centre De Laverije in Rijen.

Now she doesn’t only sell chocolates and sweet gifts, but she also has a cafe/lunchroom where you can sit down for lunch or coffee and a piece of cake. At Everything Sweet they care for good coffee. Only certified baristas work there and they have 3 coffee grinders for different coffees; the strong Everything Sweet beans, the full Arabic blend and a caffein free coffee.
They also have many fresh teas. As a tea lover it was almost too difficult to choose. I went for an herbal mixture the first time and for fresh Jasmin petals the second time. They also have great organic fruit juices at the Everything Sweet Cafe that aren’t only nice for kids but for adults too.

You can enjoy something sweet with your coffee like an American cookie or a piece of cake. Their Lemon Lime cake with Vanilla Frosting and crushed pistachios pictured is a winner. But you can also go for a selection of sweets and chocolates from the shop to accompany your coffee or tea. Even gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan sweets are available as they serve the cakes from SUE Rotterdam. You can also enjoy a high tea at Everything Sweet Cafe if you reserve in advance.

For lunch you can choose between several great sandwiches at Everything Sweet Cafe. They’re all served on organic desem bread. There are some great flavor combinations on the menu like chicken mango, dried ham with brie and mozzarella with red pesto and tomatoes. They also have a vegan sandwich that isn’t on the menu yet. I went for this grilled sandwich with hummus, baby spinach, grilled pepper and feta cheese. Feta cheese and hummus go surprisingly well together and I thought it was quite original to make a grilled sandwich with hummus.
My friend went for the sandwich with salmon, avocado and lettuce. She got a big portion of salmon but the sandwich could use a spread or sauce to go with it.

Click here to reserve your lunch at Everything Sweet Cafe or click here for my favorite foods pots in Tilburg.

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