Experience Amsterdam Light Festival from a boat

Every year in the winter the Amsterdam Light Festival takes place in the city centre of Amsterdam. There are all kinds of light art works spread out across Amsterdam. The best way to experience the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019 is from a boat. I like experiencing Amsterdam from the canals in general, but during the light festival you’ll have the best views of all the art works.

Amsterdam Light Festival

This is the 8th consecutive year that the Amsterdam Ligh Festival takes place. It started with its first edition in 2012. The Amsterdam Light Festival in 2019/2020 starts on November 28 2019 and ends on January 19 2020. This year’s theme is Disrupt. So it’s all about disturbance! The artists were asked to challenge, test and shake-up Amsterdam with their art.
During the light-art festival Amsterdam is the stage for artworks made from lights from all over the world. Visiting the Amsterdam Light Festival is a great thing to do when you’re in Amsterdam in the winter time.

Amsterdam Light Festival from a boat

As all the works of art are placed on or next to the water, the best way to experience the Amsterdam Light Festival is from a boat. As you can imagine it can be quite challenging to drive a rental boat through the canals of Amsterdam yourself. It’s already tricky during the day, let alone in the dark. Therefore I suggest you book a boat with a captain.
I have great experiences with Starboard Boats. You can click here to read about the boat trip I had with them this summer.
Starboard Boats is an official partner of the Amsterdam Light Festival and they offer boat tours all throughout the festival.
The boats conveniently depart from Central Station and goes through some of the most scenic waterways of Amsterdam.
During the Light Festival tour you’ll have front-row seats to all the art works. Besides the great views, free drinks are included in your boat tour.

The Amsterdam Light Festival tour from Starboard Boats last 75 minutes and they depart 7 days a week during the entire festival.

Click here to book your Amsterdam Light Festival boat tour.

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