We bought a house!

I’m so excited! For the first time in our lives we bought a house! I’m totally in love with it and I can’t wait to get the keys so that we can move in. I’m already thinking about new dining table chairs and lamps that I want to get. And I’m super excited about our garden as we don’t have one now. In this blog post I’ll tell you all about our future house.

My boyfriend Eelco and I spend the first 2,5 years of our relationship traveling between my apartment in Amsterdam and his in Tilburg. Almost 3 years ago I moved back to the city where I was born to live with him. For 3 years we had a great time living in an apartment in the city center of Tilburg. We loved living so close to all the restaurants and bars. But this apartment is rented and we wanted to buy something. And I have to say that I really missed a backyard as I love being outside when the sun shines.

We’ve been looking at houses for over a year. But the more houses we visited, the more demanding we got. We wanted a house in the city center but also with a backyard. Preferably even a south facing backyard. We wanted an old house with lots of character, but we also didn’t want to renovate much. I wanted a spacious kitchen and Eelco wanted a broad street.
I started to think that it would be impossible to find all this in one house and then we ran into this beauty.

The house is freestanding, something I thought would be impossible to find in the city center. It’s an old farm house that was build in 1884, so it sure has character! The front door is in the middel of the house, which I really like. The current owners renovated a lot; they isolated the floor and replaced the wooden roof structure by a steel one. It means that we hardly have to do anything when we move in. Just as we wanted.

As the front door is in the middle, the house has two rooms. We can use one room as the dining room and the other as the living room. But we could also use one room for both and use the remaining room as an office.
As the room is quite large, we’ll definitely need to look at some paintings to put up on the wall. We didn’t put up anything at our current apartment, as it’s a rental apartment and we already new that we’d be leaving soonish. So we need to go shopping for paintings!

The kitchen is completely in the style of the house. I love it that it’s very spacious and I can’t wait to create some new recipes there! It has cream colored cabinets and a black stone floor.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms, a bathroom and an attic that can be used as a 4th bedroom. As we’re just with the two of us, I think one of the bedrooms will be Eelco’s ‘man cave’. I’ll probably claim the other room as a food photography studio, or at least to stall all my props!

And we have a backyard which I can’t wait to have. I’m already fantasizing about throwing vegetarian barbecue parties and growing my own herbs and vegetables. There’s a pretty big porch in the backyard that I want to decorate in a ‘Bohemian meets Ibiza’ style. I’m thinking of getting a big lounge sofa with white pillows and I already got a hanging chair that we can attach to the ceiling.

We’ll get the keys at the end of June or the beginning of July.
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