How to make floating food photos

Ever wondered how the pictures were made where food seems to float in the air? Maybe you thought that they actually throw food in the air and take a picture at exactly the right time. Maybe you already figured that that couldn’t be the case.

You might have concluded it already and otherwise I hope I don’t disappoint you: but flying food pictures are photoshopped.

I’ve written a small tutorial on how to make floating food pictures when you have photoshop.
First of all you’ll need a plain background that’s all in the same color. In this case I used a black background.
You’ll also need a block of Styrofoam. This is for sale in most low cost shops as it’s often used for floral arrangements.
You’ll put the item you want to fly on a fork and put the fork in the block of styrofoam.

how to make floating food photography

Take a picture like this and photoshop the fork away by making it the same color as the background. That’s all!

You can do this with one item of food, but it also gives a great effect if you use several items that are normally layered like a hamburger or a sandwich.


I made this sandwich and I love how it seems that I just tossed all the ingredients up in the air, to land in the right order.

The reality is that I used a few bamboo skewers to keep everything ‘floating’ in position. This technique works well when you have several ingredients that you want to have on the picture.

how to create floating flying food pictures

And I also used this multiple skewers trick for a pile of blueberry pancakes. 

It doesn’t only look like the pancakes are just falling down, it also looks like the blueberries are rolling off.
But it wasn’t an action-shot where I had great timing. The stack stayed exactly like this for a long time. I also used the skewer trick for this picture. 

Check out what it looked like before I photoshopped it.

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Check out these Instagram pictures for more inspiration and let me know if you gave it a try!


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