Food Festivals in Brabant in 2019

Food festivals are my favorite kind of festivals. I love when there are many food-trucks or other food stalls offering a variety of food. From French Fries to Falafel and from Pancakes to Ice-cream; at a food festival there’s something for everyone. There are also more and more vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available at food festivals nowadays. So you can go with all your friends or family to enjoy a fun day or evening in a relaxed ambience with probably a bit of live music in the background. On this blog post I’ve listed all the Food Festivals in Brabant in 2019. As you probably know, I live in the province Brabant in the Netherlands and I love discovering all the food options of my region.
Continue to read for a full list of food festivals in Brabant this year, and let me know in the comments if you’re missing one!


April 5-7: Hop On Hop Off Festival, Breda
This festival in Breda specializes in beer (hence the ‘hop’ joke). There’ll be over 300 artisan beers from more than 50 breweries. There will also be over 20 food trucks. For example vegetarian focussed food truck Puzzles and ‘the Chimney Express’ for a Hungarian cake.

April 20-22: Eeterij op Wielen, Tilburg
Eeterij op Wielen is one of the biggest food truck festivals in the Netherlands as it takes place in over 20 cities. It actually even stops in Tilburg twice (in September they’re there again)

April 21: Feel Good Market, Eindhoven
The Feel Good Market in Eindhoven will take place every 3rd Sunday of the month in 2019. This festival isn’t only about food, there are also stalls with handmade products, live music and workshops. The food that is available focusses on organic and local products. The Feel Good Market takes place from noon to 6pm at the creative Strijp-S area.

April 21-22: Fort Isabella Fair, Vught
Fort Isabella Fair is a market with something extra. There are workshops, walking tours and activities for kids. The fair is located at the historical location of the Isabella Fort in Vught, close to Den Bosch. Besides the classical festival food like burgers and pancakes, you can also buy many local products at the market.


May 3-5: Eeterij op Wielen, Waalwijk
The food truck festival with many stops in Brabant, takes place in Waalwijk in the first weekend of May.

May 8-12: City Food Film Festival, Den Bosch
The City Food & Film festival in Den Bosch is about food but not only with films, also with workshops, theater and city-tours.

May 10-12: Eeterij op Wielen, Breda
Just one weekend later, this food truck festival takes place in Breda.

May 10-12: Appeltje Eitje, Roosendaal
The most Western city of Brabant has a food-truck festival called Appeltje Eitje. Literally translated ‘apple and egg’, it’s a Dutch idiom for an easy task. And life is pretty easy at this festival with local food and nice beers.

May 10-12: Foodstock, Etten-Leur
Foodstock (slightly inspired by the music festival Woodstock) takes place in Etten-Leur from May 10 to 12.

May 24-26: Eeterij op Wielen, Uden
The food truck festival with many stops in Brabant also stops in Uden, at the Bevrijdingspark from May 24 to 26.

May 25-26: Foodstock, Tilburg
Foodstock (slightly inspired by the music festival Woodstock) takes place in the Reeshof when they’re in Tilburg. In the Reeshofpark you can enjoy food, drinks and music for 2 days. The entrance to Foodstock is free.

May 31 – June 2: Foodtruck Festival Smul, Uden
The Smul Festival in Uden will take place for the 3rd time this year. Bring your own picknick cloth and sit down at the Sportpark while you and your friends take turns walking to the different food trucks for your next dish.

May 31-June 2: Gezellige Zaken, Den Bosch
At Gezellige Zaken you’ll find stands from all kinds of restaurants from Den Bosch. With a maximum of 6€ per dish, you can try quite a few and have a culinary journey through ‘s-Hertogenbosch by staying at one square.

May 31-June 2: Foodstock, Eindhoven
Foodstock (slightly inspired by the music festival Woodstock) takes place in Eindhoven from May 31 to June 2. They’ll be back in Eindhoven in July.


June 7-10: Bumperkluiven, Breda
Bumperkluiven is a foodtruck festival that last year took place in Breda and Tilburg. For 2019 they’ve only released this date in Breda. It takes place in a park and is very child-friendly.

June 7-10: Hap Stap Festival, Tilburg
I never miss the Hap Stap Festival in my hometown Tilburg. It’s very centrally located in the garden of the Interpolis office and has a very relaxed atmosphere. You won’t find any food-trucks here, but local restaurants that each have their own tent and a special finger food menu.

June 14-16: Foodstock Festival, Helmond
Foodstock (slightly inspired by the music festival Woodstock) takes place in Helmond from June 14 to 16. You can find it in the Havenpark.

June 29 – July 1: Festival TREK, Eindhoven
Festival TREK is a traveling food truck festival that’ll visit 9 cities in the Netherlands in 2019. The first one in Brabant is this one in Eindhoven. It’ll take place at the Karpendonkse plas so it’s a perfect spot for a sunny weekend.

June 29: GIN Festival, Eindhoven
It’s more a drink festival than a food festival, but besides tasting all kinds of gins, you can also taste some great food.

June 29-30: Funky Vegan Market, Eindhoven
All the food trucks and pop-up restaurants at this market serve 100% vegan food. There are also several workshops.


July 4-7: Festival TREK, Den Bosch
The second city in Brabant where TREK will take place is Den Bosch, the weekend after the Eindhoven version. It’ll take place at the Paleiskwartier, the hip area right North of Central Station.

July 12-14: Rrrollend, Vught
Rrrollend is a food truck festival that visits several cities in the Netherlands, the only time they’re in Brabant is in Vught in July. Besides the lovely food, Rrrollend always has great entertainment. From jazz bands during the day to dj’s in the evening; there’s always something nice to listen too.

July 12-14: Foodstock Festival, Oosterhout
Foodstock (slightly inspired by the music festival Woodstock) takes place in Ooserhout from July 12 to 14. You can find the food truck festival at the Slotjesveld.

July 19-21: Eeterij op Wielen, Oosterhout
Making another stop in Brabant, Eeterij op Wielen also takes place in Oosterhout (a small town in between Tilburg and Breda, near Dongen). Eeterij op wielen also takes place on the Slotjes veld.

July 19-21: Foodstock Festival, Eindhoven
Foodstock (slightly inspired by the music festival Woodstock) takes place at the TU terrain in Eindhoven from July 19 to 21. \

July 26-28: Foodstock Festival, Den Bosch
After having been to several cities in Brabant, the Foodstock Festival goes to Den Bosch in the weekend of July 26 to 28.

August 30 – september 1: Foodstock Festival, Oisterwijk
After having been to several cities in Brabant, the last chance to go to Foodstock festival this season is in Oisterwijk.


September 6-8: Eeterij op Wielen, Uden
Food truck festival Eeterij op Wielen stops in Uden twice this year. The second time is from September 6-8 and it’s again at the Bevrijdingspark.

September 13-15: Smaak Karavaan, Tilburg.
Smaak Karavaan takes place in the Spoorzone, right behind the central station. There are all kinds of food trucks and acts like jugglers.

September 27-29: Tilburg Culinair, Tilburg
Tilburg Culinair is a more exclusive food festival in Brabant. No food trucks here but the best restaurants from Tilburg and the area are impressing the guests here with their food-art. There are about 10 restaurants that will join and there’s always live music or a dj.

September 27-29: Eeterij op Wielen, Breda
The last stop of this traveling food truck festivals with many stops in the South of the Netherlands is in Brabant; in Breda to be precise. You can visit it at the Schoolakkerplein.

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