Food News June 2020

On this page I’m sharing all my favorite food news from June 2020.
This month several great new food products came out. Never want to miss any food news? Like my Facebook page or subscribe to my monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Over Inpakken

Over Inpakken is een nieuw (kook)boek dat je laat zien hoe je eten lekkerder kan maken en beter kan bewaren door het in te pakken. Het boek bevat allerlei tips, technieken en recepten. Het boek Over Inpakken is gemaakt door Meneer Wateetons en René Zanderink en er staan prachtige foto’s in het boek. Er staan enkele vegetarische recepten in, maar ook veel vis en vlees recepten. Klik hier om Over Inpakken te bestellen.

Belicio Cheatday

I’ve seen these big American style cookies quite often on Instagram accounts of American foodies. But did you know that you can also order these cookies in the Netherlands? You can get them at one of the Belicio stores in Rotterdam or Dordrecht, or order them online (the deliver in the entire country and in Belgium too). I went for these red velvet and Kinder Bueno cookies.

Vegan ice cream

Abbot Kinney’s has launched two new plant-based ice creams! The Coco Frostick Double Cocoa and the Coco Frost Mango & Passionfruit. The coco frosticks are chocolate popsicles and the Coco Frost is like a tub of creamy ice cream. Both are completely vegan. They’re perfect for this summer where you’ll probably spend more time at home than normally. They’re for sale at EkoPlaza and Marqt supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Licor 43 Fresco

Licor 43 has launched something new that is perfect for summer: Licor 43 Fresco. This new drink is a ready-to-drink cocktail. It’s available in two flavors: lemon and berry. The cocktails are Licofr 43 combined with fruit juice and they have a light sparkle. You can drink it straight from the bottle and it’s great for a picnic or a boat ride! It’s available in the supermarket.

Free Yogurt Cassis Granola

This month MyMuesli is celebrating their 13 year anniversary! Especially for this occassion, they’ve created a new granola flavor: yogurt cassis. It’s filled with crunchy pink puffed rice hearts, yogurt flakes and berries. And they’re honoring the planet with their Birthday celebration by planting trees for every order on their website. If you order for €25,- they’ll plant one tree, for €35 two trees and if you order for €50 they’ll plant three trees.
And I’m also giving you a present! If you order your your muesli via this link you’ll get a free Yogurt Cassis Granola with your order (minimum order of €25)

Mooncake’s Foodiebag

The foodie bag from Mooncake is amazing for every travel foodie! If you like eating foreign dishes, you’ll love her foodie bag too. I’ve known Jonneke from Mooncake since I went on her food tour in the Javastraat in Amsterdam. Every month Jonneke will launch a new foodie bag, focussing on exotic kitchens. This month the foodie bag focusses on Indian, Pakistani and Surinam-Hindustani products. You’ll get a big bag full of products and an explanation about all the products and how you can use them in recipes. And you’ll also get a Spotify playlist and a list of movies to get in the mood.
The bag costs €45,- and you can pick it up in Amsterdam or have it delivered everywhere in the Netherlands. Click here to order Mooncake’s Foodiebag.

Wine Cups

The HEMA has another invention of something that you never missed but now that it’s there you wonder how you’ve ever lived without it. This time it’s wine in a cup! Best invention of this summer if you ask me. You can just put the cup in the fridge and take it with you when you go on a picnic. No need to carry fragile glasses with you or drink your wine out of crappy plastic cups anymore! These cups are recycable, but even bettter: re-usable! You can put them in the dishwasher and they’ve got a resealable lid.

Rent a Smoothie bar

Did you know that you can rent a smoothie bar? It’s a great idea for your street party or event that you’re organizing. Especially now that it’s easier to organise events outdoor than indoor, a smoothie bar is a great idea. It looks festive with all the fresh fruit and it’s a healthy serving for your guests.
At Shakes on Wheels you can order all kinds of smoothie bars, like this great food-truck. They have 5 different smoothie bars and I love them because they don’t work with plastic disposables and they use seasonal fruits.

Personal Bamboo Straws

I don’t want to use plastic straws anymore (or any disposable plastic as a matter of fact). Bamboo straws are a great substitute for plastic straws. They’re more sustainable and you can use them multiple times. I also like them better than paper straws, as they tend to get weak or break because of the liquid. At We Use Bamboo you can order your personal bamboo straws with your name on it! Great for the whole family so you know which straw belongs to whom. But it’s also a great wedding or Birthday gift.

Soof Sparkling

There’s a new 100% natural soda in the Netherlands: Soof Sparkling. It’s made from nothing else than sparkling water, herbs, spices and fruit. It’s the only 100% natural soft drink in the Netherlands! There are three flavors available:
* Blackcurrant, lavander, apple
* Lemon, mint, apple
* rose, cardamom, pear, apple
The Soof Sparkling sodas are for sale at organic shops, Crisp and in beach pavilions on the Dutch coast.

Mexican Fairtrade Original mixes

Fairtrade Original has released 6 new spice mixtures. You might already know them from the Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, but now they’ve added a new country to their portfolio: Mexico. There are six different spice pastes, my favorite is the one for green enchilada’s. But the Picadillo paste is also great. The Mexican spice mixtures are available at Jumbo supermarkets in the Netherlands.

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