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Every month I’m keeping you posted about all the food news that you need to know. All the new food products on this page have been tried and tested by me. This month there are some delicious new food items on the market.
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Iglo Veggie Bowls
My boyfriend already loved the Iglo one person meals from the supermarket, but most of them had fish or meat in them. Lucky for me they have now released 4 vegetarian meals! The Iglo Veggie Bowls have around 200 grams of vegetables per bowl, only a little salt and no additives. There are two pasta variations (Fusilli Vegetable Pesto and Penne Pesto Rosso) and two rice variations (Lemon Risotto and Vegetable Curry).
You prepare them in the microwave for 7 minutes, but they taste a lot better than your average microwave dinner. You can find them in the freezer at the Albert Heijn supermarket.

Tomato Edshup
Ed Sheeran has released is own Heinz ketchup: Tomato Edchup. Ed Sheeran is a big Heinz tomato ketchup fan, he even has the logo tattooed on his arm. And now he has his own tomato ketchup, or I should say ‘Edchup’. And you can also see Ed Sheeran in the new Heinz commercial.

Have you ever tried to stop eating added sugars for a week? I’m going to try this No Sugar Challenge for a week; from June17 to June 23. Online supermarket Kazidomi makes it really easy for you to eat sugar-free as everything on their website (yes everything) is refined sugar free! From granola to pasta and from jam to chocolate.
You can get a 20% discount on their service by using code ANNE20.

Bites we Love
Bites we Love has renewed itself; their bags have a new look and they have 4 new flavors. The bags that are mainly filled with a variety of nuts are great for a healthier snack moment. I especially like them for in the afternoon when you need some more energy to get you through the day. All bags are 100% vegan. My favorite is the Chocolate Nut Mix which is like a healthy Bounty meets healthy Snickers with chocolate covered edamame, roasted peanuts and coconut.

JouwBox 5
In February I told you about the JouwBox edition 4, and now it’s time for number 5! Each time Ralph Moorman selects his favorite healthy lifestyle products. This month it had so many products that I love in it. A Pecan Pie bar from Nakd, cacao nibs from Mattisson and quinoa from Lassie to satisfy my healthy food cravings. For my body care it has eye primer from Creative Cosmetics, body lotion from Seacret, activated charcoal toothpaste from My Magic Mud, restoring spray from Sports, a vitamin serum and facial detox from Mudmasky and sunscreen from oh-lief.
You can order the JouwBox number 5 with a 5euro discount if you use code JouwBox5.

Holie Granola
Last summer I told you about the Holie Goodies, a child-friendly healthy cereal in a colorful case. This month Holie has released another cereal, this time it’s for adults too! The new Holie Granola’s come in 3 flavors:
* Seeds & Pits with flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin and melon pits.
* Nuts with hazelnuts, almonds and pecans
* Kokos & Cacao Nibs with flaxseed, sunflower and pumpkin pits.
All three cereals don’t contain any added sugars. They’re available at the Albert Heijn supermarket.

Hands Off My Chocolate Birthday Cake
One of my favorite chocolate brands in the world has a new flavor! Hands Off my Chocolate has released the new flavor Birthday Cake. It’s created with YouTuber Marije (have you already subscribed to my YouTube channel?). The bar has white and milk chocolate and ‘discodip’, merengue and strawberries. With this chocolate you can celebrate your birthday every day! Extra tip: it’s also a nice gift when it’s someone else’s birthday!

Peasy Pops
From now on you can say ‘take it peasy’ or ‘peasy does it’, because the new Peasy Pops are very relaxed. They’re made from lentils, they’re high in protein and contain 55% less fat than potato chips. They only contain around 100 calories per portion. The Peasy Pops come in 3 different flavors inspired by Arabia, Mexico and India. They’re great for movie nights but also nice on warm summer nights when you’re sitting outside with drinks and friends.

The Protein Ball Co.
I first discovered the high protein balls from the Protein Ball Co. in the JouwBox from last February. I had the vegan lemon and pistachio balls and I’ve added them to my granola (you can see the picture here). But most people use the small bags as a healthy snack for on the road. As I liked the lemon-pistachio balls so much, I was very excited to try the other flavors too. They have 8 flavors of protein balls and another 3 flavors of breakfast balls. You can buy them at their online shop and in stores across the world.

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