Food News March 2021

Every month I’m sharing my favorite new food products with you. On this page you can read the food news of March 2021. This month I’m not only telling you which cool new products are available and I’ve got a special focus on Easter since all kinds of new Easter food products will launch this month. And I’m giving away free muesli and free vegan coconut dairy!

Moments Tea

Moments is a webshop that sells high quality, loose leaf teas. They’ve got all kinds of unique flavors like Elderflower Lemon and Gluhwein flavored tea. I love Moments because they have great gift packages. If you’ve got a friend who loves tea as well, you can find some great presents here. One of my favorites is the Theepakket Cadeau Taste Box Black that you see pictured here. The tea package includes six different flavors of loose leaf tea. The black package and the beautifuly designed cans make this a great gift.

Easter Eggs HEMA

HEMA has launched three new flavors of chocolate Easter eggs this year. Besides the classic milk, white and dark chocolates and the well-known HEMA flavors like Praline, hazelnut and caramel you’ll find these 3 new flavors in the (online) HEMA shops. On the left you see their milk chocote egg with chocolate sprinkles. In the middle is milk with sour belt and popping candy. And to the right is a new vegan paaseitje (chocolate Easter egg).
I did a blind tasting test to see if I could taste the flavors, you can watch my IGTV here.

My Muesli Easter

Especially for Easter and Spring, MyMuesli has designed several new muesli products. They’ve got a big cylinder of Easter Muesli. An Easter Mini Box with 6 small boxes of muesli in the flavors Berry Dark Choc, Banana Cassis Crunch and Berry Crunch. A giftbox with the 6 mini boxes and the big Easter muesli. And an Easter try-out pack with 3 big cylinders of muesli.
And I’ve got good news! If you order via this link you’ll get the 6 mini Easter boxes for FREE with your order!

Pianta Pasta

Pianta Pasta has launched 3 new vegan pasta sauces. They come in the flavors Bolognese, Peperoncino and Piselli. The sauces are made with different vegetables and vegan meat. They come in handy bags that are enough for 2 people. All you have to do is add pasta! The Pianta Pasta sauces are available in organic supermarkets in the Netherlands.


Snecco is a new crisp brand that’s developed by three students from the study Entrepreneurship and Retail Management in Breda. It started as a school assignment but it developed to a product that is now available in 16 Jumbo supermarkets in Noord Brabant. Snecco are potato crisps in a 100% recyclable cup. The current crisp bags aren’t recyclable because of the aluminum inner layer, so the students are trying to make a change with Snecco.

Tony’s Chocolonely Pasen

Especially for Easter, Tony’s Chocolonely has launched several limited edition Easter products for this year. They’ve got two bars with a big Easter egg ‘hidden’ inside. The bars come in the flavors milk, meringue, lemon and milk, almond, almond-paste. They also have chocolate Easter eggs. They’ve got an egg carton with 12 eggs and a bag that’s great for sharing. They Easter chocolates from Tony’s Chocolonely are available in most supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Zuivelhoeve Licor 43

In maart 2021 slaan Zuivelhoeve en Licor 43 de handen ineen. Ze vieren beiden hun verjaardag dit jaar (respectievelijk 40 en 75 jaar) en vonden dat een reden voor een gezamenlijk feestje. Dus je kan nu tijdelijk genieten van een heerlijk kommetje romige Zuivelhoeve yoghurt geïnspireerd door Licor 43. Deze likeur heeft vanille- en karameltonen die je terugvindt in de yoghurt. En je vraagt het je vast af: zit er alcohol in? Het antwoord is ja! Wel maar 0,9%, maar ik kom zou hem niet aan je kids geven!

Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is celebrating its 30 year anniversary and Ben & Jerry is celebrating with a new product: snackable cookie dough. It’s the cookie dough bites that you know from their ice cream, but without the ice cream around it. You can find (and store) the bags in the freezer, so you always have them handy in case you want to snack some cookie dough.
And Ben & Jerry’s also launched two new cookie dough ice cream flavors: Rain-Dough Cookie Dough Twist and Dough-ble Chocolate.

Abbot Kinney’s Coco Daily Delight

Abbot Kinney’s, the plant-based dairy brand, has launched a new product in March 2021: Coco Daily Delight. It’s a yogurt alternative that is completely vegan. It’s made from only 6 ingredients and doesn’t contain any added sugars or artificial additives. And like all the Abbot Kinney’s products it’s 100% organic.

Ik mag een pakket van Abbot Kinney’s weggeven aan een van mijn bezoekers. Je krijgt dan niet alleen de nieuwe Coco Daily Delight maar ook ‘the Daily Delight’ een speciale krant waarmee je je dag positief en offline begint. Om kans te maken op dit vegan pakket schrijf je hier in voor mijn maandelijkse nieuwsbrief en laat je in de comments weten waarmee jij graag ontbijt.

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