Food Trends of 2020

On this page I’ve listed all food trends of 2020. As a food blogger I always like to stay up-to-date on food trends. I love to see what dishes and which recipes are trending on Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok. And if they look nice, I love to make them myself as well. It’s always nice to try something new I think. 2020 had quite a few food trends. I’ve got the feeling that we had more hyped recipes and viral food videos than other years. Perhaps it’s because so many people spend a lot of time at home. New hashtags like #quarantainecooking and #quarntainebaking poppud up and we all had more time to try out new recipes and create pictures and videos with them. Scroll down to read all food trends of 2020.

Dalgona Coffee

You might have seen the trend on Instagram or Tiktok: Dalgona coffee. Dalgona coffee is a bit like an iced cappuccino, but it has a creamy coffee layer on top. I loved the way it looks, so I also wanted to make it. But before I got to take this picture, I had several failed attempts. So for everyone who tried to make Dalgona coffee and it didn’t work, or for everyone that wants to succeed the first time; I’ve shared this fool-proof recipe to make Dalgona coffee.

Wine Milkshake

Milkshakes for adults! It was a big food trend at the start of 2020 milkshakes with wine. It was mostly vanilla milkshakes with red wine. The red wine gave the milkshake a great pink color.
Different milkshake with alcohol varieties popped up, like milkshakes with dessert wine and milkshakes with vodka. But because of the nice color, the red wine milkshake was my favourite.

Pancake Cereal

On Instagram and TikTok I saw several pictures and video’s of Pancake Cereal. A pretty brilliant invention where you eat mini pancakes as cereal! It looked so nice to see all those mini baby pancakes in a bowl with fruit and milk. I discovered that it’s not difficult to make at all!
Click here for the recipe of Pancake Cereal.

Focaccia Garden

Another great example of a 2020 food trend that happened during quarantine: Focaccia Gardens. I guess many people started real gardening in Covid times as well, and if you don’t have a garden or you want to bring your new hobby inside you can make a Focaccia Garden. Just make focaccia dough as normal and decorate it with vegetables and herb to create a garden with grass and flowers.


Sabich is also a trending food this year? It’s an pita sandwich from Israel. It’s filled with aubergine, hummus and egg. I absolutely love Israeli food. It’s always super tasty, often healthy and mostly vegetarian. This Sabich is exactly that: vegetarian, tasty and pretty healthy. In Israel Sabich is often sold at street stalls as a ‘fast-food’ take away dish. But you can also easily make it yourself, click here for my Sabich recipe.

Pan banging chocolate chip cookies

These pan banging chocolate chip cookies is an invention by Sarah Kieffer, also known from her blog The Vanilla Bean Blog. The name, comes quite literally, from banging the baking tray while you bake them. This way the cookies get their circles, typical for pan banged cookies. Sarah started with pan banging chocolate chip cookies, so they’re still the most popular ones. But you can ‘pan bang’ any kind of American cookies that you’re baking of course.

Mini Fried Eggs

How cute are these mini fried eggs? It’s another 2020 food trend that started on TikTok. These cute sunny side up eggs might seem difficult to make but it’s easier than you think! And I know they almost seem like eggs for your doll house, you can eat these mini eggs! Click here for my video to see how they’re made.


A cakelet is a cross-over between a pancake and an omelet. Hence the name! I discovered this food trend on Instagram. A Cakelet makes a great breakfast, brunch or lunch dish and will satisfy both sweet and savoury pancake lovers!

Pancake Tacos

How delicious is this new trend? Pancake tacos are pancakes in the shape of tacos. Instead of chicken or beans, you fill these tacos with fresh fruit. I made vegan pancake tacos and severed them with a chocolate sauce. These pancake tacos make a great breakfast or dessert and they’re great for sharing.

Nutella Milkshake

In the beginning of the Corona pandemic a video went viral on TikTok of a Nutella milkshake. I thought it looked really good to add Nutella to a milkshake, so I created my own Nutella milkshake straight away. It’s the perfect milkshake for chocolate or Nutella lovers.
Click here for the recipe of Nutella milkshake.

Mug Cake Revival

The Mug Cake isn’t a new dish. As a matter of fact I posted my first mug cake recipe on this website back in 2015. But I guess the mug cake made a revival in 2020. Many people started making it again and posting it on social media. I guess it’s a recipe that’s fun to share on TikTok as it’s so easy to make and the outcome is so tasty. And as TikTok was a super popular medium in 2020, the Mug Cake was (again) a food trend in 2020.

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