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Each month I’m keeping you posted about all new food releases. If there are any cool products launched that I think you should know of, I’m posting them on this page.
You can read the new food products of January 2019 here, or scroll down to read the food news of February 2019.

Becel Pure
This month Becel has added a new vegan product to their assortment: Becel Pure. This spreadable butter is 100% plan-based and free from any artificial additives. It’s also free from palm oil and contains natural Omega 3 and 6.
I love it that Becel offers a vegan product as it’s better for the environment and for the animals.

Jouwbox 4
Nutritionist Ralph Moorman and Jouwbox founder Tim Horentius bring you a new Jouwbox 4 times a year. The latest one has just been released. Just like every quarter, it’s filled with goodies that are good for your body or your soul. This edition includes healthy foods like the flaxseed crackers from Biobites, protein balls from The Protein Ball Co. and hemp protein from Linwoods. For your body there are items like gentle scrub and a scrub glove, herbal styling paste and a day cream. In total there are 11 high quality products in the box. Order this JouwBox with the code JouwBox4 and you’ll get a 2,50 discount.

P’tit Pot
You might known coconut bowls by now. You often see them filled with colorful breakfast smoothies on Instagram. But these P’tit Pots are a whole new ball game. Inspired by Vietnam, owner Sophie created coconut bowls with all kinds of colors on the inside. You can have plain colors like red, yellow and blue, but they also come in all kinds of patterns like the ones pictured above. Sophie donates no less than 10% of the profits to good causes for children in Belgium like the Children’s Cancer Fund.

Ketchup Caviar
Heinz is 150 years old this year and to celebrate this they’ve introduced Ketchup Caviar. Ketchup Caviar is small tomato ketchup pearls that open up in your mouth and that you can add to any kind of meal to turn it into a culinary experience. There are only 150 jars of Ketchup Caviar available in the Netherlands. You have a chance to get one on the social media channels of Heinz on National Tosti Dag (grilled cheese day) on February 8.

New Food Emoji’s
In the fall of 2019 over 200 new emoji’s will come out. As a real foodie, I’m most excited about the food emoji’s. Here you see six of the new fall 2019 emoji’s related to food. Although I’m not sure if an ice-cube counts as food. I love the buttered waffle most, mostly because I love waffles in real life as well (check my recipe for a waffle bowl!). Not pictured, but there will also be a The Mate and one that I also really love: falafel!
I once combined waffles with falafel, click here to read about my fawaffles.

Vegan Magnum
Good news for all vegans in the Netherlands! As of next month Magnum will launch vegan Magnums! The flavors Classic and Almond will be available in a vegan version at the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands. The ice cream is made from a pie protein and the chocolate layer is made with vegan Callebaut chocolate.
Unilever is planning to launch more vegan ice cream varieties in the Netherlands this year.

The Vegabijbel, a vegetarian cookbook will be for sale in March, but because you can already pre-order it with a discount I’ve added it to the news of February. There are almost 200 vegetarian and vegan recipes in the Vegabijbel and they’re put together by Isabel Boerdam (that once wrote a guest blog for me about the difference between tofu, tempeh and seitan)
You can now reserve the vegetarian cookbook with a 5euro discount and if you do so, you might win all 15 ‘kookbijbels’!
Click here to pre-order Vegabijbel.

The chocolatiers from the Belgium Libeert have launched a new chocolate creation. These diamonds are made with the new Ruby chocolate, you might have heard of this new pink chocolate that is made without any additional coloring.These beautiful pink diamond-shaped chocolates come in a box that really give you the feel that you’re getting jewels. They’re quite big so it’s precious chocolate for precious moments.

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