Fried Ravioli

I discovered something new. It’s a great food hack. I made fried ravioli! It’s a great new way to prepare ravioli. Fried ravioli is done in a few minutes, it’s mega easy to make and it’s a great starter or snack at a party. On this page I’m telling you how to make fried ravioli.

Normally when you buy fresh ravioli in the supermarket, you’ll have to boil it for a few minutes and then you serve it with a sauce and/or vegetables for dinner. But with this ravioli food hack, you simply fry the ravioli shortly in a pan for a crispy and super easy snack.
There’s no need to boil the ravioli first, so you’re literally done in a few minutes.
I saw some recipes where they braid the ravioli first, which you can do if you want of course. But I found that just simply frying them in a pan with olive oil already gives you a crispy crust.

I used vegetarian ravioli to make my version of fried ravioli, but you can of course use any kind of ravioli you want. I used those plastic packages of fresh ravioli that you can find in the cooling at your supermarket.

Recipe fried ravioli

Ingredients (serves 2 as a starter or 4 or more as a snack)
1 package fresh ravioli (about
4 tablespoons ketchup
2 teaspoons dried oregano
Olive oil

Warm some olive oil in a frying pan on medium fire. Add the ravioli. Make sure you don’t add too much at once. Each ravioli pillow should touch the surface of the pan. Sprinkle with half of the oregano. Turn the ravioli around after two minutes and fry for two more minutes on the other side.
Put them on a paper towel to remove the grease.
Put the ketchup in a small bowl and stir the remaining oregano through it.
Serve the fried ravioli with the ketchup for dipping.

You can also use any other condiment for dipping of course.

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