Food Trends of 2021

It seems like every year there are some food trends that are very typical for that year. On this page I’m sharing the food trends of 2021. These are the dishes that are either new in 2021 or became very popular this year.

TikTok Wrap

It was a very popular dish at the start of 2021: the TikTok Wrap. It started on the platform TikTok, but after that also became popular on Instagram. The idea is that you top the four quarters of a wrap with four different toppings and fold them over each other. After that you grill it, until it’s done.

Feta Pasta

The funny thing about this Feta Pasta food trend, is that I already made a similar dish last year. You can find my recipe for oven baked feta here. The Feta Pasta food trend also bakes the feta cheese in the oven, and serves it with pasta.

Fried Ravioli

Fried ravioli is such an easy food hack! Fried ravioli is done in a few minutes, it’s mega easy to make and it’s a great starter or snack at a party. On this page I’m telling you how to make fried ravioli.

Poke cake

Another food trend of 2021 is the Poke Cake. It has nothing to do with a Poke bowl, but the name comes from poking. To make this cake, you poke holes in the cake after baking it. Then you pour a sauce over it and the holes fill up with that sauce. The most popular flavor is Poke cake with strawberry.


Food trends are often a combination of two existing dishes, the Croffle is such a hybrid as well. The Croffle is a combination of a Croissant and a Waffle. It’s simply made by putting a croissant in a waffle iron. I love most food mash-ups and I love this one as well. The waffle iron gives the croissant a crunchy bite. A Croffle tastes great with some vanilla ice cream, blueberries and maple syrup.

Frozen Sweet Potato

This is one of the weirdest food trends of 2021 if you ask me. Frozen Sweet Potato is literally that: a frozen sweet potato. Not mashed, not mixed with ice cream; just a sweet potato that is frozen.
To make it you bake a sweet potato with the skin on in the oven for about an hour. After that you put the sweet potato in the freezer for a few hours. You eat the frozen sweet potato as a candy bar.

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