Rye bread sandwich with black truffle mayonaise

Oh my, I discovered something great! Black truffle mayonnaise! I like everything with truffle so this is a great invention. This mayonnaise is one of the new flavors from Dutch brand Remia. They also released a rosemary-sea salt mayo and a garlic-sriracha mayo. But the Black Truffle mayonnaise is definitely my favorite!
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I made this rye bread clubsandwich with the black truffle mayonnaise from Remia.

3 slices rye bread
2 teaspoons Black Truffle Mayonnaise
1 piece little gem (baby romaine)
pumpkin cubes
green peas
2 hands fresh spinach

Prepare the pumpkin cubes and green peas as stated on the package. Shortly warm the spinach in a pan.
Cover two slices of rye bread with the black truffle mayonnaise. To be honest, I used more than 1 teaspoon per slice but that’s just because I’m practically addicted to the truffle mayonnaise. Divide the other ingredients over the two slices as well. Top with the 3rd rye bread slice.

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