Hard Rock Cafe goes vegetarian!

The Hard Rock Cafe goes veggie! You might think of big chunks of meat when you think of the Hard Rock Cafe. But especially for Vegetarian Awareness Month they’ve created a vegetarian menu. This whole month you can enjoy several vegetarian dishes as well as veggie cocktails! The Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam invited me to try this veggie menu. As I don’t eat meat, I love initiatives like this. I was very curious how their vegetarian menu would taste. Would it be possible to turn an ‘all American kitchen’ healthy and vegetarian?

quinoa salad hard rock cafe

They’ve got 5 new vegetarian items on their menu. As a starter they have Cauliflower ‘Wings’, no chicken needed for these crispy cauliflower bites served with blue cheese, celery and carrot sticks.
As a main dish they have a vegan grilled ratatouille wrap, a fennel, beet & orange salad and a Pico de Gallo Quinoa Arugula Salad. The latter is pictured above. This salad is a fresh mix of quinoa, pico de gallo and Brussels sprouts. It has a nice bite to it because of crushed spicy pecans that are tossed on top. If you’re eating vegan, you can skip the feta cheese of this salad.

veggie burger hard rock cafe vegetarian awareness month

As you might know, I love vegetarian burgers. I even went on a quest to find the best veggie burger of Amsterdam. So I was really curious about their new veggie burger. This temporarily veggie burger (they also have a veggie burger that’s always on the menu) has a patty made of cauliflower, garlic, oregano and goat cheese. It’s breaded making it crispy from the outside. It’s topped with squash, zucchini, arugula and tomato and served on a toasted brioche bun. I have to admit that this burger is not so healthy, but there’s nothing wrong with a cheat meal every once in a while. Especially not if it’s this tasty!

Besides the food they also have two veggie cocktails on the menu. So you can sip cocktails with your friends while getting your daily dose of vitamins!

Not only in Amsterdam, but Hard Rock Cafe’s all over the globe are celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month with a vegetarian menu. So you can also get a Very Veggie Tini in New York or a Cauliflower Burger in Glasgow. The menu is available until November 13, so be quick if you want to try it out yourself!


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