Homemade Cakesicles

On this page I’m sharing my recipe for homemade Cakesicles. A Cakesicle is a combination between a cake and a popsicle. So it looks like an ice cream popsicle but it’s actually a cake. It’s cake on a stick!
There are all kinds of variations on Cakesicles, and you are of course free to experiment with all kinds of flavors on your own. But on this page I’m sharing a basic recipe for homemade cakesicles that you can make.

I made these cakesicles with a white chocolate coating and I decorated them with ‘disco’ sprinkled candy. The small chocolate candy is cake decoration called chocolate jazzies and the bigger ones are ‘disco pepernoten’, they’re candy that Dutch shop HEMA sells at the end of the year.
But you can of course decorate your homemade Cakesicles however you want. You can make them with dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. Or you can use any kind of Candy Melts.
You can also decorate them with all kinds of candy and chocolates. You can make Halloween Cakesicles or Christmas Cakesicles.
Scroll down for the recipe of my homemade party style Cakesicles.

Recipe Homemade Cakesicles

1 loaf cake (home made or store bought)
100 grams cream cheese
250 grams white chocolate
Toppings of your choice

1 popsicle mold
8 popsicle sticks

Crumble the cake, you can do so in a food processor. Mix with the cream cheese. Put 1/8 of the cake mixture in one of the popsicle molds. Firmly press with the back of a tea spoon. Repeat with the remaining three popsicle molds. You can cut off the excess cake on top with a knife. Put 4 popsicle sticks inside the cakesicles. Put the cakesicles in the freezer for 20-30 minutes.

Melt the white chocolate au-bain-marie. Put the melted chocolate in a high plastic glass. Take the cakesicles out of the molds and dip them in the melted white chocolate. Put them on parchment paper in the fridge while you repeat the steps with the remaining cake crumbs for the other 4 cakesicles.

You can pour the remaining white chocolate over the chocolate covered popsicles in stripes for a nice effect. Top with the candy of your choice.

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