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Dordrecht is a lovely city close to Rotterdam. Dordrecht has many cute alleys and lovely streets with old houses. I took tons of pictures when I visited Dordrecht. I wanted to post them all on my Instagram account! If you’re looking for nice spots in Dordrecht to take pictures for your Instagram account, I’ve got you covered! On this page I’m sharing the top Instagram spots in Dordrecht.

Horse Graffiti

If you’re walking to the city center of Dordrecht from the central station, the first Instagram spot you see is this street-art. This horse with checkered spots is made by Serge Kortenbroek.

Blauwe Kamer

The Blauwe Kamer (Blue Room) is a meeting center from the library of Dordrecht. If you walk over the Visbrug bridge you’ll see this lovely facade. You can also rent flex work spots at the Blauwe Kamer.


Just a few houses further you’ll find this lovely premises. Tugged between Brut Burger Bar on number 113 and Alpaca outdoor shop on number 95 is this beautiful old house.


I can almost list all the streets in the city center of Dordrecht on this list. There are so many Instagrammable, pretty streets. But this one can’t miss on this list: the Wijnstraat. Where you can find these small, crooked facades.

Blue Birds in the Backyard

Blue Birds in the Backyard is a vintage store, lunchroom, playroom and meeting room in one. In a beautiful large, old building you can find all these things. In the rooms of the mansion are the beautiful gifts, clothes and jewelry on display. In the back you’ll find the restaurant. It’s a big, open space. There are all kinds of nice dishes on the menu like this Goodness Bowl with coconut yogurt, granola, fresh fruit and honey. And don’t you just love the greenhouse in the middle of the restaurant that you can see at the top of this page?

Groothoofds Poort

Too bad that it was under construction when I took this photo, because the Groothoofdspoort is one of the most impressive works of architecture in Dordrecht. It’s on a look-out point where 3 rivers meet and was build as a city gate. It was build in the 1600’s. There are many symbols on the gate, like the 16 city shields around the centerpiece of the Dordrecht Maiden, from all the cities that rebelled during the 80 year war.


Just around the corner of the gate you’ll find the pretty Damiatebrug. This bridge is very Instagrammable, but the building behind it also is! The red gates and white window frames make a nice contrast with the black bridge.


After the bridge you’ll enter the Wolwevershaven. This street is actually located on a small island as it has a river in the front and in the back. You can find some beautiful old warehouses on this street.


The street on the opposite side of the water is the Kuipershaven. It’s also lined with beautiful historic buildings. And on both sides of the water there are some old boats docked.

Historic Boat Lift

There’s also a historic boat lift in Dordrecht. The lift to get ships in and out of the water is one of the most photographed spots in Dordrecht. The lift was made in 1928. On the bridge in front of the boat lift a tapas bar stalled this old-fashioned Dutch bike, and that makes the Instagram picture complete.


There are three strips of water crossing the city center of Dordrecht, I already told you about the most Northern one. This one is the center canal. The street next to it is called Wijnhaven (wine harbor).


The street parallel to the center canal is called Voorstraat. This street has some beautiful buildings in it. I especially thought this facade that was build in the 1600’s was very Instagrammable.

Voorstraat Church

In the same street you can also find a church. It’s a bit tucked away behind a gate and a courtyard. But it’s a lovely spot for an Instagram picture.

Villa Augustus

It’s a short walk East from the city center of Dordrecht, but Villa Augustus is worth the walk. For multiple reasons actually. It’s not only a very Instagrammable building, but it also has a beautiful garden, a unique hotel and two nice restaurants.


One of the restaurants at Villa Augustus is called Limonaia. It’s the lemon tree greenhouse. From November to April the lemon trees are stalled there and from May to October it’s used as a pop-up restaurant.

Bistro La Bohème

Bistor La Bohème is located at the corner of the Steegoversloot street and the Augustijnenkamp. This alley has wonderful decoration from the restaurant. There’s a leaf canopy and flower pots. In summer evenings the restaurant has a lovely terrace here.


Look at this lovely courtyard, called Hof. In the small house with the red doors is a pottery. It’s one of the cutest buildings in Dordrecht. And the red doors make for a very Instagrammable picture.


Perpendicular to the ‘Hof’ is the Hofstraat. In this ‘hof street’ you can find multiple cute houses all lined up. Isn’t it the cutest street you’ve ever seen? It’s probably the most Instagrammable street in Dordrecht. At least, I sure thought this was a great Instagram spot.

No. 38 City Bakery Café

A real Instagrammer needs at least one pretty food picture per destination on her feed, right? And I think these cakes will look so good on your Instagram account! It’s the ‘verzameling zoetigheid’ (sweetness collection) from No. 38 City Bakery Café. This bakery cafe at the market square (Statenplein) sells all kind of delicious cakes like red velvet, cheesecake, brownies and blondies. If you can’t choose, like me, you can go for this collection and you can have a little bit of everything!


The Vleeshouwersstraat is often voted for the nicest street, or the most ‘gezellige’ street. I thought it was a lovely street as well. And the flags add a great touch for your Instagram photo.

Grote Kerk

From the street called Grotekerskbuurt you’ll walk straight onto the big church. I think the best Instagram spot is where you have the street in the foreground and the church in the background.


From the Leuvebrug bridge, right next to the church, you can take this Instagrammable shot. You’ll see all the houses of the Voorstraat from the back, rising above the water.

Florale Extase

Plant and flower shops are often quite Instagrammable. The green plants and colorful flowers are very photogenic. But this plant shop in Dordrecht is even more spectacular. There’s a small path from the entrance to the cash desk, but everything else is covered in plants. It’s a real green oasis. The plant shop is called Florale Extase and you can find it at the Voorstraat in Dordrecht.


We’re closing this list with the same place we’ve started this list with. This picture was taken from the Visbrug bridge. It’s the same bridge I took the picture from the Blauwe Kamer from that you can see at the top of this page. If you look over the water from the Visbrug you might see the beautiful painting on your right hand side.

From Dordrecht it’s only a short train, tram or water bus ride to Rotterdam.
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