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Den Bosch is a city that’s really close to my hometown Tilburg, so I visit it quite often. You can check my blog post with my favorite healthy food spots in Den Bosch here. Curious as I am I wanted to see something more from the city and I decided to do a sights and food walking tour in Den Bosch. At the tourist information shop (called VVV) in a beautiful old house at the market square you can pick up several kinds of walking tours. You can just get a booklet with one of the routes for less than 3 euros, but you can also buy the sights and food walking tour there. It’s called the Speur en Lekkernijen Wandeling. And as I’m a food lover, I of course went for the latter!

With the ‘Speur en Lekkernijen Wandeling’ you get a walking route with information about the city and its history and you get coupons for food and drinks at 4 restaurants. You do the tour yourself with your own company. As it’s not part of a group or scheduled times, you can just go whenever you want! Wether you’re by yourself, with your partner, a friend or a small group; you can just buy the amount of vouchers that you need.
You can buy the booklet with the vouchers at the Kring Vrienden desk at Parade 12 or Sint-Janssingel 25. You’ll walk to the Molenstraat, as that’s the starting point of the tour.

I advise you to have a light breakfast so that you can start they day with redeeming your first coupon; the one for coffee and a pastry at Grand Cafe Carras, very close to the starting point of the tour. Of course you can go for the traditional chocolate and whipped cream pastry that’s originally from Den Bosch: the Chocolade bol (or Bosche bol). But as it was a really warm day when we did the tour, we went for cheesecake.

In the booklet is a description of your route, as well as interesting information and questions about the city. If you’re with a group you can turn it into a competition and see who has the most correct answers!
I thought it as great to see new parts of the city and to learn more about it. Den Bosch is a beautiful city and pleasant to walk around in. I actually saw things that I had never seen before, even though I walked passed it a dozen times.
So this walking tour is perfect if it’s your first time exploring the city, but also great if you’ve visited the city many times before.

During our walk we stopped for a small lunch at Brasserie Cé where you can get the soup of the day or a grilled cheese sandwich. We had tapas at Restaurant Picasso (where they made the vegetarian salad pictured above for me) and we ended for snacks and drinks at Grand Cafe Silva Ducis at the Parade (the ending point of the walking tour).

Originally not part of the tour, but it’s right next to the ending point and absolutely worth a visit: St. Johns Cathedral. This cathedral is called ‘St. Jan’ in Dutch and is open for short visits. You can just pop in and walk around as long as you respect the religious site.

Click here for more information on the Speur en Lekkernijen wandeling in Dutch.
I found out about this walking tour via the Brabant Celebrates Food website.

Click here for all my favorite healthy food spots in Den Bosch.

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