Cute cat donuts

How sweet are these cat donuts? When I was in Japan I saw cat shaped donuts and I fell in love with them! In Japan you’ll find many restaurants and bakeries selling cute foods, or as the Japanese call it ‘kawaii’ food. You can read more about my favorite kawaii food spots in Japan and my recipes for making your own kawaii food.

cute cat doughnuts tutorial

Today I’m showing you how to make these cute kitty cat donuts. They’re quite easy to make and great to make with kids or serve at a birthday party. You can find the explanation on this page and my how-to video of my YouTube channel at the bottom of this page.
cute donuts how to tutorial cat
Press two almonds in each donut to make the ears. If it’s a bit difficult to press the almonds in, you can also make a small hole first with the end of a teaspoon. Melt 1 bar of white chocolate au-bain-marie. Put each donut in the melted chocolate until it’s half covered. Turn around and put them on a plate in the fridge with the chocolate covered side up. In the fridge the chocolate will harden in about 10 to 20 minutes.
Using a chocolate decoration marker make eyes, a nose and whiskers.

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