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Here’s a list of all the best Instagram Spots in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. All the places listed on this page are very Instagrammable! They’ll look great on your Instagram feed or on your Tiktok videos!

Bicycle Parking

Right in the city center of Eindhoven is an underground bicycle rack. On both sides there’s an entrance with street-art on the walls. One end is green and the other end is pink. It almost looks like there are holes in the wall and that there are several other layers behind it in different colors that also have holes in it. I’m always impressed with street-art that gives you a 3D feel.

The Blob

I love it that this building is actually called The Blob. I mean, it’s a blob after all. The building houses the Sissy Boy clothing and accessory shop. The Blob is designed by an Italian architect and has an organic shape. It’s made out of glass and steel. The same architect also designed the bicycle parking that I mentioned above.

Cafe Thomas

Sometimes a good Instagram spot means interesting architecture, but sometimes it’s a cool interior. That’s the case at Cafe Thomas. I’m seriously in love with their interior. It’s mostly pink and has great murals.
My tip: reserve a high tea there!

Street Food

At Street Food it’s not the exterior or interior, but the food that’s Instagrammable. And mainly their Monster Milkshakes. These are combinations of milkshakes and freakshakes, so they’re milkshakes that are topped with delicious extras. Pictured you see their Kinderbueno Oreo Party monster milkshake.

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Blue Building

Look at this blue apartment building. Isn’t it the perfect Instagram spot? You can find this building in the Strijp S area. The area is nice to visit anyway. It’s the old Philips factory ground and there are many creative spots in Strijp S.

Inteligentia ICE

One of those creative spots in Strijp S that’s also very Instagrammable is Intelligentia ICE. It’s an ice cream shop with interesting ice cream flavors and they also have a tasting room where they serve their Alice in Wonderland high tea. Click here to read more about Intelligentia ICE.


De Berenkuil is a traffic circle for cyclists. You can find it in a 5 minute bike ride of Eindhoven central station. The area is a great spot full of beautiful graffiti. Every year graffiti artists from around the world take place in a graffiti contest called ‘Step into the Arena’. So you’ll see some of the best street-art pieces in the country in this roundabout in Eindhoven.


Officially Likeland is located just outside Eindhoven, in Best. But as it’s so close to Eindhoven and so very Instagrammable I thought it couldn’t miss in my list of Instagram spots in Eindhoven. Likeland is a museum that is made just for Instagram pictures and TikTok videos. There are many different backgrounds that you can use for your social media accounts. Click here to read more about Likeland.

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