Top sights in Lublin, Poland

On this page Im sharing the top sights in Lublin, Poland. All the great things that you can see in the Polish city Lublin are listed on this page. Perfect as a bucket list for when you’re going on a city trip to Lublin!

To be honest, I never heard of Lublin before I went there. But it turns out to be a great destination for a city trip in Europe! It’s the largest city in Eastern Poland and has about 350,000 inhabitants. It has a beautiful old city center and there are plenty of things to see and do. And from several European cities you can fly directly to Lublin (like from London, Oslo, Eindhoven and Dublin).
If you’re going to Lublin, you can visit all these sights (and more).

Lublin Old Town

Lublin has a wonderful Old Town. It’s the old city center that was surrounded by city walls and gates, some of which are still there. Lublins old town is very compact, and in this 1 square kilometer there are over 100 monuments that are still in good shape. Many of the colorful buildings now house restaurants, to it’s also a great area for in the evening.

Lublin Castle

Just outside the walls of Lublins Old Town you can find Lublin Castle. The medieval tower and the chapel are from the original castle, the rest is renovated in the 1950’s after the castle served as a prison for many years. Nowadays it houses the National Museum in Lublin. Inside the museum you can find all kinds of art, from prehistoric pots to Dutch masters.
You can climb the tower of Lublin Castle and from there you’ll have great views over the city.

The Trinity chapel at the Lublin Castle is also a top sight! Inside, all the walls and the entire ceiling is covered with Byzantine-Ruthenian murals. You can buy separate tickets for the museum, chapel and tower or buy a combination ticket for all three.

Lublin Cathedral and the Trinitarian Tower

You can find Lublin Cathedral in the Old Town. The cathedral has a white exterior and a beautiful pink and mint green interior. This catholic cathedral was built between 1592 and 1617. The cathedral is free to visit. Make sure you also look up when you’re inside because the ceiling is beautiful.
Next door you find the Trinitarian Tower. In 207 steps you can climb to the top which not only gives you beautiful views over Lublins Old Town, but also coffee! There’s a cafe at the top of the tower so you can have coffee with a view.

The Basilica of the Dominican Order

Just around the corner you’ll find the Dominican Basilica (or Dominican Abbey). It’s also free to visit and also has a beautiful interior. You can also visit the courtyard of the Dominican Abbey. It’s a small and serene place in the middle of the city.

Center for the Meeting of Cultures

Just a few minutes West of the Old Town you can find the Center for the Meeting of Cultures. The Communists started building a huge theater but didn’t have the money to finish their prestige project. Eventually the city of Lublin used the old construction and put a modern facade against it. But inside you’ll still see the old walls.
You can take the elevator to the rooftop where you have views over the city, a glass walking bridge and you can see the beehives that are used for beekeeping in Lublin.

Saxon Garden

Opposite the Center for the Meeting of Cultures you can find Saxon Garden, a beautiful city park. It has everything you want from a park; many trees, cute walking paths, a pond, a romantic bridge, benches and even peacocks. It’s a nice place to beat the heat in summer, or if you’re looking for a quiet or romantic spot.

Lipowa Street Cemetery

A short walk from the Saxon Garden is the Lipowa Street Cemetery. The cemetery has four different parts for different religions. It might sound strange to list a cemetery as one of the top sights of Lublin, but it’s really a wonderful place to stroll around.
If cemeteries are your thing, you can also visit the Old Jewish Cemetery in Lublin.

Rooftop at VIVO!

At the edge of the city you can find the VIVO! mall (next to Lublin Castle). Take the elevator up to the roof and you’ll be surprised! On top of the mall you can find all kinds of great things; an outdoor gym, beach chairs, an ice cream vendor and even a playground!

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