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I love going on a picnic in the summer! Just enjoying the sun and the company of your friends in a very relaxed setting. No waiters who want you to keep ordering and plenty of time for a game or some (acro)yoga!
The only downside is carrying all the stuff to the park and thinking about what to pack. I’ve got good news if you don’t like that either and if you live Utrecht.

In Utrecht you can order your picknick box online and have it delivered to you in the park! I loved the concept of ordering your own picnic box and enjoying it in the park, so I decided to try it out. You can order your picknick box at www.picknick030.nl. You can choose between the normal and the luxury version. The normal version is only 17,50 per person and already has many food items in it. The luxury version includes a bottle of wine, so we went for that one! You can also let them know if you wish a vegetarian box. It made me very happy that we could have a vegetarian picnic as not all companies cater for vegetarians that well!

We had so many delicious bites and snacks! As you can see on the picture we had fruit, olives, bread, nuts, crackers and all kinds of spreads. The spreads included hummus, salsa, a spicy pepper dip, a marmalade and a yoghurt/apricot spread. There were also 2 plates with high quality cheeses. The French cheese was really creamy and rich in taste and I loved snacking from the old cheese with salt crystals!
We also got a box with tabbouleh with goat cheese.

And as if that wasn’t enough we also had a dessert! There were blondie and brownie pieces in one of the boxes.
We loved everything but it was even a bit too much. Luckily, I didn’t buy dinner yet so we just took the remaining bites home and had it for dinner!

Besides the good taste of everything in the picknick box and the enormous amount of bites, I also love the fact that Picknick 030 is thinking of the environment. The products in the box come from local shops and the box and its contents are designed to have a low impact on the environment. The box and the packages inside are made from recyclable cardboard and paper for example.

You can pick up your Picknick 030 box at Kafe Belgie or, even better, you can have it delivered to the park. You can order (and pay) your picnic box online and it will be delivered to the Wilhelminapark, Griftpark and Lepelenburg.

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