The best restaurants in Lublin, Poland

On this page I’m sharing the best restaurants in Lublin, Poland. I’ll tell you where to eat, from breakfast to dinner. All restaurants on this page in Lublin have good vegetarian options, and some also have really awesome interiors. I’ll tell you if it’s a very picturesque restaurant and of course what kind of dishes you’ll find on the menu.


Nieznana is one of the best restaurants in Lublin, Poland. It’s located in the beautiful IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka, but you don’t need to be a hotel guest to have lunch or dinner at Nieznana. They have a lovely a-la-carte lunch and dinner menu, that’s a real culinary experience. Here you can also have a vegetarian lunch or dinner that’s high quality. The interior is also beautiful, making it a great place to go to if you’ve got something to celebrate.


At 2 PI ER you can have dinner with a view! This rooftop restaurant is located in the city center of Lublin, next to the Center for the Meeting of Cultures and opposite the Saxon Garden. They’ve got a spacious terrace for sunny days and a beautiful indoor restaurant for colder evenings. You’ve got a panoramic view over Lublin. On the menu are delicious dishes, including this homemade ravioli.

Mandragora Restaurant

Mandragora is a Jewish restaurant. It’s great if you like the dishes from the country Israel and the Jewish culture. They serve kosher wines from Israel and their kitchen is kosher too. They’ve got a lovely courtyard garden where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner on sunny days (they’ve got blankets too for when it cools down). I love Israeli cuisine, so I absolutely recommend Mandragora (although a few more vegetarian dishes would be welcome). I enjoyed hummus, falafal and pierogi (dumplings).

Milk bar

A real great experience if you’re in Poland is to visit a Milk Bar. A Milk Bar (or bar mleczny in Polish). A Milk Bar is a cafeteria from communist times where workers could get an affordable lunch. It’s still a place where you can get a cheap homemade lunch. If you’re visiting a Polish city it’s a great place to visit. It looks like time stood still, with the menu written on the chalkboard on the wall. You can choose your dish from the menu and the side salads that are available that day.


Foodporn alert! All the dishes at ParZona will make you drool. Check out this French Toast, the pancakes with cotton candy and the freakshake for example. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied, I guarantee you. ParZona is my favorite place for brunch in Lublin, because they’ve got all the classic dishes and you won’t be hungry for a while after you’ve been there. And it’s all very Instagrammable.

Basiowe Słodyczko

Speaking of Instagrammable restaurants in Lublin, Poland: check out Basiowe Słodyczko. This cake shop has a lovely interior. It has pink walls, pink chairs en pink flowers hanging from the ceiling. The floor is black and white and there are several golden details. And not only the interior is pretty; the cakes that they serve at Basiowe Słodyczko are also beautiful. Order a cup of tea, a coffee and some sweets and you’ve got the perfect afternoon with the girls.


Chmielewski is the oldest sweet bakery in Lublin and has been around for generations. It’s mostly famous for its donuts, but they sell all kinds of sweets, cookies, pies and cakes. Everything is made in the bakery behind the restaurant. On summer days they also sell ice cream.


In the city center of Lublin you’ll find several lemonade stands on wheels. These ‘lemoniada’ cars are a great experience. You order your soda water or lemonade and you’ll get it fresh from the tap. It’s great to quench your thirst on a summer’s day.


The most popular spot for ice cream in Lublin is Bosko. You can find Bosko all over Poland and even within Lublin they’ve got several shops. The one close to the gate to old town is the most popular. On sunny days you’ll find a queue here.

Pelier Sweets

Speaking of ice cream, Pelier Sweets is a small shop, just behind the Pelier Restaurant that serves tasty ice creams. They’ve got Taiyaki, the fish-shaped soft ice cream cone that you might know from Japan. And also Paletas, ice cream popsicles from Mexico, and Churros from Spain. Besides the food, I also love the pink interior.


If you like streetfood, you should definitely visit Munchies. They don’t have a large menu, but all the items on it are super tasty. They serve dishes inspired by slow-food, but in a fast-food way. After opening their first restaurant in Warsaw, they opened up their second location in Lublin.

Centralna Cafe

The center of culture in Lublin (Centrum Kultury) also has a nice cafe inside. The center is free to visit, so you can also just go to the cafe. They have good quality coffee, beers, wines and sweet and savory snacks. It’s also a great place to have a drink before or after an event at the cultural center.

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