Restaurant Het Kreitenhuys in Udenhout

I had a lovely dinner at restaurant Het Kreitenhuys in Udenhout. Udenhout is a small town near my hometown Tilburg. I love discovering new restaurants and since I’ve eaten pretty much everywhere in Tilburg, I like to go to its surrounding towns to have lunch or dinner there. On this page I’ll tell you all about the dinner we had at Het Kreitenhuys in Udenhout. This week Social Deal has a very attractive deal on Het Kreitenhuys with a discount of no less than 50%, I’m telling you all about that deal in this blog post as well.

At Het Kreitenhuys you can order a la carte but on Social Deal they’ve got a voucher for a 5 course menu. Within these 5 courses you’ve got a lot of options, so you can go for what you’d like. You start with an amuse bouche. You can let the waiter know if you have any dietary wishes. My boyfriend got an amuse bouche with salmon and for me as a vegetarian they made an amuse bouche with sweet potatoes and vegetarian caviar.
We also got bread with herb butter.

There are four different starters to chose from, of which two are vegetarian. I went for the ‘Toast Veggie’, a slice of toast with tomato salsa, mushrooms, onion, bell peper and mozzarella. I liked that it was served with artisan brown bread, it’s so much tastier than white bread. My boyfriend went for the ‘Smokey Salmon’, smoked Norwegian salmon with a salad, sun-dried tomatoes and a sauce made from capers.
After your starter you can have one of their two soups. They’ve got a tomato soup and mushroom soup.

There are 7 main dishes to choose from; 3 with meat, 2 with fish and 2 vegetarian dishes. My boyfriend went for the ‘Jachtschnitzel’, this German dish consists of breaded meat and is served with mushrooms, onions and bell pepper. I had the lukewarm red beets served with sweet potato and nuts. We also got some fries to go with it.
The portions at Het Kreitenhuys are quite generous, so you won’t leave hungry!

We hardly had any room left for dessert, but they are so tasty that it’s a waste not to try them! My boyfriend went for the ‘Smaak van Heukelom’, this ‘taste of Heukelom’ (a small town nearby) is vanilla pudding with vanilla ice cream, raisins and whipped cream. I went for the delicious ‘coupe schwarzwalder’, a tall glass filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, warm cherries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The perfect combination if you ask me!

The service at Het Kreitenhuys is very friendly and it has a nice small-town atmosphere: not pretentious and down-to-earth. I recommend a visit to Het Kreitenhuys anytime, but this week Social Deal has a very attractive deal for this restaurant in Udenhout. If you buy a voucher for Het Kreitenhuys on Social Deal you’ll only pay 23,50 for a 5 course menu! That’s a 50% discount! So if you buy 2 vouchers you’ll get a 5 course menu for 2 people with only paying for one. The vouchers are valid until February 24 so you’ll have plenty of time to pay a visit to Het Kreitenhuys. Click here to buy your Social Deal voucher for a 50% discount on Het Kreitenhuys in Udenhout. 

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