The 5 Best Phone Cases for Travel Foodies

What better place to be a foodie than on vacation? Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to adventure to find your next show-stopping meal and share it with your followers.
Every foodie knows they can’t resist taking their phone out to snap a picture of a beautiful meal. Being on vacay is possibly the best time to get a phone case that flaunts your two passions: traveling and eating!

I’ve compiled a list of the five best phone cases for travel foodies and your upcoming summer vacations. A phone is another accessory to an outfit, so it’s always fun to change it up from time to time. Also, a stylish phone case is a fabulous conversation starter at dinner.
Most of these cases are for the iPhone, but many are compatible with other devices like Samsung. I’ve compiled a list of the cutest cases, so you can get shopping and snapping.

The Stuck on U Festival Sticker Case

It’s time for all the music festival lovers to pack their bags and hop into the van for a road trip. The Stuck on U Festival Sticker at reflects a foodie with a free spirit. The clear case option gives the appearance of adding stickers from all of your travels, which is a lot like stamps in your passport! The Stuck on U Festival Sticker case features iconic travel scenes like a retro Volkswagen van, passport stamp from Paris, and a famous New York City slice of pizza.

The Sushi Love Case

If you feel inspired to travel to Japan or just love the country’s culture, animation, and kawaii style, the Sushi Love phone case by Kristin Nohe Juchs is right for you. Sold by Society 6, this phone case features a green background with a cartoon illustration of various bites of sashimi, maki, and nigiri. This phone case is sure to catch any sushi lover’s eye.

The Fast Food Case

Anyone who’s been on a road trip knows that when you see your favorite fast-food chain, you have to stop for a quick bite. That’s why the Fast Food case by Heidi Kenney is a great accessory to anyone who travels the long and winding road. Sold by Society 6, this case features an adorable cartoon design of burgers, ketchup, and mustard bottles with googly eyes and smiles. Kids will think this cartoon phone case is too cute.

The Basil Flavoured iPhone Case

Perhaps your travel and food aesthetic is a little more realist and refined. If you’d like a phone case that reflects travels to Europe, the Basil Flavoured Case by Nicholas Ely at Society 6 is an eye-catching phone case. Designed like an ice cream cone, the green swirl topped with a gold cross is reminiscent of the tops of cathedrals in Russian architecture. Not only will it remind you of Russian Architecture, but it will also remind you of eating gelato on the street.

The Holographic Donut Clear Case

If your vacation includes many grab-and-go foodie adventures, the Holographic Donut Clear Case by Casely will be just your style. This phone case features a pink glazed donut with sprinkles that will leave your mouth watering. When you’re heading out the door of your hotel, it’ll remind you to stop and get a donut from a local bakery, too!

Off you go!

There are so many stylish phone cases on the market that show your love of travel and food. Before you pack your bags for your next vacation, treat yourself to a new case, so your phone is always protected and shows off your personality.

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